NorCal – Audio Sunset Festival recap

by | Aug 29, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

It doesn’t have to be a Vegas or SoCal trip for a good Summer Festival

Each year, ravers throughout the world save up for that one or two ‘must-not-miss’ Summer event due to the fear of missing out- FOMO. Though, I always look forward to festival seasons, circumstances will sometime get in the way but when National Entity announced their first Summer outdoor festival in my neck of the wood, I knew I couldn’t miss it and especially with the old-school Donald Glaude on the line up.

We arrived there around 5pm and as soon as we entered, I could feel the pulsating energy from the small but growing crowd. The event took place at the parking lot of the California Automobile Museum accommodating 2000 people. I don’t know if there is such thing as an intimate festival but this event felt like one.

Though it was not a hot day, walking in the sun for half an hour definitely amped the heat, but that didn’t even faze the partiers. As I glanced around the party goers, I knew right aways this was going be an amazing night. There were two stages, multiple food trucks and even better, waits at the bar was minimal and water was only 2 bucks; and as always at all National Entity show, a VIP section full of snacks and drinks. I would have to say that early on the VIP section was not properly guarded by security which allowed non-VIP people to indulge on the snacks and foods. It wasn’t ’till later on proper security watched over the area.

The main stage had some of our very own local talents such as Alexx Gold and Czechmate along for us mature partiers, the legendary Donald Glaude. However, the highlight for the ragers were Keys N Krates and Pegboard Nerds.

If you like to go hard, this was the show for you. Although no shows ever run perfectly, it was darn close. The only flaw being no wrongdoing of National Entity, Sac PD decided to shut the event down an hour early as I was bummed out.

Overall, they did amazing job! This is an event i’ll look forward to going and I suggest that you check it out.

Very fun event for Sacramento area.

-Justine Buckland