NorCal – Animalistik quick recap

by | May 6, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Bass heads brought out the animal in them

National Entity returned back for yet their wildest annual event Animalistik featuring some of the bassy-est and trippiest animal DJs by the likes of Jackal, Kompany, Tisoki along with your favorite local artists. Taking place at one of the region’s old-school venue, the Estrellita Ballroom is located in a historical grounds of Galt, CA in which it has been several years since this place has hosted an event and it was due for one.

Walking into the venue, the production was bigger than any previous events, which goes to show how crucial the eye candy experience is as the scene is thriving in a positive direction. This event had amenities which I haven’t seen before such as an outside dancing area and a VIP platform complemented with free food and beverages. That’s right, I said free food and beverages. This is one of the best perk in getting a VIP to any of the National Entity events.

The music for the most part was a trapfest night type of affair if this is your go to music, but being the old-school that I am, I needed to hear some house music which was held outside in the smoking area. The vibe outside was pretty chill as I noticed a very young crowd and new faces but nonetheless, the inside was a madhouse as sweats were dripping of the ceiling also known as ‘raver’s rain’.

Overall, it was nice to be back at this venue although the challenging part is to try to stay cool and hydrated.

National Entity has yet to disappoint their patrons so I’d suggest hitting up one of their up coming events.

-Jawn Gee