Nocturnal Wonderland 2023

by | Sep 30, 2023 | EVENT FEATURED, EVENTS

Over a three-day affair of camping…

… and afterparties, Nocturnal Wonderland took place over the weekend of 16th and 17th of September while the temperature were decent enough to be outside all weekend long. The festival made a grand return to the Glen Helen Amphitheater for 2023, marking its 28th anniversary and solidifying its reputation as North America’s longest-running festival, as well as a cornerstone of California’s music scene by maintaining a consistent track record of excellence, offering an unparalleled atmosphere that sets it apart from other Insomniac festivals. With its consistently impressive lineup and the comfort of a familiar venue and layout, it stands as a reliable party ground featuring an exceptional lineup with notable artists such as Biscits, Benny Benassi, Valentino Khan, Subtronics offering a diverse array of musical styles to satisfy a broad spectrum of tastes.

Nocturnal Wonderland boasted three main stages, including Wolves’ Den, Labyrinth, Sunken Garden, and two hidden stages, each contributing to an incredible atmosphere. It was undeniably another resounding success.

The production quality at Wolves’ Den reached an exceptional level while maintaining its continuity from one year to the next, however, there were notable alterations made to the primary stage this time around. While the central circular video panel remained a prominent focal point, the upper region of the stage was adorned with an enchanting display of neon-colored flowers that gradually unfurled during the evening hours. The centerpiece was the Nocturnal Wonderland logo, and the stage’s upper edge featured panels made of wood painted with designs that responded to blacklight and bright dazzling laser, pyrotechnics and firework displays. Unfortunately, there was not a VIP area for better views and experience but it still lived up to high expectations.

Most sets were truly outstanding ranging from Joel Corry, Biscits to old skool Todd Terry and Benny Benassi which all delivered an excellent set of house and techno music. But Seven Lions knows how to captivate the crowd with his eclectic sound of psy-trance. But if you wanted something hard to hand bang to, there was Black Tiger Sex Machine, Subtronic and Bear Grills to fulfilled the wobbles with heavy dubstep.

With that, we wrap up another highly successful episode of Nocturnal Wonderland, and it would be quite surprising if this event failed to return for its 29th edition at Glen Helen Regional Park. Being the most enduring festival in North America, it consistently meets high expectations, and this year was no different. Boasting exceptional talent on all stages, impeccable stage designs, and one of the best venues in Southern California, Nocturnal Wonderland remains an unbeatable choice as this year’s event lived up to perfection, and we’re already looking forward to our return next year.

-John Thao