Nitrous Oxide by Plurrfect Rave Family

by | Apr 30, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

One of many more plurrfection to come

Sat. April 15th, 2017, the minds behind Plurrfect Rave Family ventured down a new path for the group with their first ever event- Plurrfect Presents: Nitrous Oxide. The event took place at the beautiful Garage Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. The layout of the venue was perfect allowing everyone to be to mingle, dance and just enjoy each other’s company while going on a musical journey with Trance Family LA local DJs Carlos Arteaga, Jack Frozt and MJR’s star Nitrous Oxide. The 6-hours of trance bliss had those in the crowd swaying back and forth as we rejoiced.

It was just beautiful to see so many rave families show up in this small venue enjoying this special night in support of Plurrfect Rave. The positive vibe as well caught the attention of a few groups outside passing on by, to find only themselves inside transfixed on everything that is trance.  The creator of Plurrfect were all smiles as they exceeded all expectations. The night ended too soon and we all gathered for our usual group photo to commemorate a night full of memories. The event revealed Plurrfect snapbacks for sale in three colors: red, green and the best color purple. The hats were moving quickly as families couldn’t wait to represent them. With my new purple Plurrfect hat in tow, I danced, laughed, talked and enjoyed the night with people who I consider my chosen family.

In all, I have been too many launch parties in my 20 years of partying. Though the most successful events have hiccups; never the less, the true definition of professionalism is the showmanship of having it under control with the crowd having a ‘hell’ of time with no clue of despair.  With that alone, Plurrfect has put themselves on the map as a new destination for party goers.

Plurrfect Presents: Nitrous Oxide was a success. They set out a specific purpose and accomplished it.  The future looks bright and I cannot wait to see what they’ll serve up next.

-Danielle Sanders