My House – Shaman Durek

by Jan 28, 2023MUSIC, Past music

Shaman Durek is a celebrated sixth generation shaman…

…who has also been involved in the rave scene for nearly three decades. He has helped grow and promote underground parties and was a VJ on the MTV show The Grind in the 90s. He recently made his debut as an artist with his single My House and has released two remix compilations featuring DJ Sneak, Blakkat, Eric D Clark, & Single Cell Orchestra. He has a deep connection to house music and has used it as a tool for spiritual connection and healing. His latest single, My House is a tribute to the classic underground house roots of Chicago and Detroit, and promotes the power of dance and connection through music. The remix byMy House offers a Chicago Jackin House workout, with a soulful side and a thumping bassline.

Shaman Durek has a deep connection to house music, which has been a part of his life since his teenage years. He was drawn to the underground gay parties in San Francisco, where the music coming out of Detroit and Chicago was being played, and found a sense of freedom and excitement in the scene. He became so immersed in the scene that he went from working the door to throwing his own parties, and was instrumental in growing beloved events like the Sunset Parties with Galen & Solar. Being a shaman, his spirituality played an integral role throughout his career, and he has led experiences in destinations like Ibiza to show how house music and rhythmic drumming can help people connect to who they are and manifest what they desire in their life.

My House is a tribute to the classic underground house roots of Chicago and Detroit, and also highlights the strength, love, healing power, and connection that can be found through dancing. The song invokes Durek’s old moniker, The Jack Instigator, a nickname given to him by DJs for his eccentricity when MCing at parties he would throw, known for keeping people dancing all night long. The drums in the song have special significance, tapping into the power of rhythmic drum patterns, which according to his Yoruba heritage, bring people together and ignite their hearts and bodies.