“Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a quote casually used to convey that there must be a building block to achieve the end result; sometimes forgetting the euphoria experienced amidst thousands of your party peers was once felt in company of a small make up, the minorities, the outcasts and the like-minded. Music has always been the one ‘constant’ to bring people of all backgrounds, the unsocial, the undiscovered or simply the average person to synergistically have a night of commonality, the musical journey experience of abstract sound— ‘the scene’.

The scene was and will continually be built on passion and the drive of everyone’s contributions who built it into a community times before it morphed into this massive, corporate, commercialized and over exposed entity. The focus and attention are too often directed toward the products that pays the bill. However, we understand it is still a business and ultimately when tens of thousands of people are spending their hard-earned money, promoters have an obligation to put out the best products for its consumers.

So what is JUSTEDMS mission?

Our mission is to remind everyone that ‘the scene’ is still a community created by the people for the people, no one person is bigger than the next person and the music is the essence for its existence. Our focus is to give our time and energy equally from the massive festivals down to the small intimate events to the undisclosed warehouse underground parties. To give due respect where respect needs to be acknowledged for those behind the scene and their efforts to continue on the path of holding down its foundation—the music, the artistry and most importantly, the ‘party people’.