Mariusz – The Mind Behind MRJ & Ravers Army


Mariusz Jerzy Roj

Home Country: Poland
Profession: Warehouse Operator
Hobbies: Trance, Sports, Travel
Affiliations: Dreamstate, Ravers Army, MJR

Passion and Love equate to one of the hardest working manager for his artists and the proof is in the pudding

If there were awards in the rave scene, the Congeniality Award would without a doubt go to Mariusz Roj. He has a good heart and is the true definition of warmth and  friendship.  MRJ artist manager and founder of Ravers Army, I was introduced to Mariusz online via some group forums all relating to trance and he has an undeniable love and passion for the scene. His easy-going persona, willingness to answer questions and help others is a true gift. I saw this first hand when Mariusz graciously showed friends of mine around town and hooked them up with a meet and greet while traveling in London. For Mariusz, it was just another day and he lives for this!!!

His desire and spirit to make it easier for people to connect and be a family has forged an army.  An army of ravers and like-minded people who can come together and celebrate what Mariusz loves most—music and life. His love for the music has allowed him to be daring and take a leap of faith with the support of his family to pursue his true passion. A devotion that proves you are richer and rewarded more when you do something out of love rather than money. After spending Thanksgiving weekend getting to know him better, his ambition will get him far. His loyalty to his friends and family, appetite for success, earnestness to make his artist world-renowned stars, and his humility towards his own position in this scene is a combination that has become so uncommon which makes him truly extraordinary.  I wish him nothing but the best and I cannot wait to see how our friendship grows over the years.  I am truly honored to now be able to call Mariusz my friend.

Can you give me three words that best describe you love for trance music?

Passion, love and life

As founder of Ravers Army, for the readers whom aren’t familiar, what compelled you to start Ravers Army?  What is its mission statement and your hopes for the group?


I started the group in 2014 after I met in few people at Ministry of Sound in London and wanted to bring everyone together who loves music just as much as me.  The beautiful thing about Ravers Army is it’s not just for trance lovers but for all of music.  My hope is just to continue to bring people together through the love of this beautiful music.  I have met so many wonderful people who are truly amazing.  Some of them I can proudly call them true friends.

Last year, you made the jump from trance fan to artist manager by starting your own management group MJR, quite the feat may I say.  What does MJR stand for?

My name, Mariusz Jerzy Roj

How did this come about and how were you able to make this jump?  Any influences?

Stuart Roberts and Chris Duncan gave me the advice and pushed to make my dream a reality with supports from artist such as Fadi from Aly & Fila. Then I decided to open it up and try it.  Now I have three wonderful artists—Simon O’Shine, UCast and A&Z.

Simon O'Shine
A & Z

How has this transition been? 

It’s been very fun, I’m enjoying managing and seeing another aspect of the trance community.

Are there any up and coming artists in the works you are planning on managing? 

I have a few ideas planning but at the moment I’m very happy with the three I got.  My thing is that I have to love their music and believe in them and these three, I 100% completely do.

Any particular traits, character or skills set you look for in an artist or do you just go in with an open mind and hope for the best?

As mentioned in my previous answer, I have to love their music and feel a passion for what they are producing.

How do you balance managing and still have a personal life?

To be honest I struggle as I’m 100% committed to getting my artists the gigs they deserve and work hard for.  I always have my work brain on even though it annoys my wife lol.

You’re a social butterfly and your personality is infectious.  How to do you keep up with events, social media, and contacts?  

Again it’s hard work and most weekends I work through the night to respond on social media and get gigs for my artists.  I balance my musical events out to the ones I really want to go to and the other times I spend with my wife.

You have an undeniable love for Dreamstate.  What makes Dreamstate different from other trance events i.e Luminosity?

Dreamstate from Day-1 when I went there, it surprised me that it had such an amazing crowd and how big the production that Insominac made. I’ve been to many events but Dreamstate just has something special that pulls me in and have such love for.  From Day-1, I’m also proud that I was a part of this lovely team.

What are your hopes for MJR in 2017?  What are your personal goals?

I’m mainly focused on my artists.  Bringing them to new places and building their fan base from around the world.  That is all I want.  I am so committed to them I want them to be big as much as I believe in them.

If you could manage any artist who would it be and why?

Vini Vici without doubt.  I love their music and Matan Kadosh as a person is such a caring and genuine nice guy.

Last but not least, any famous or personal quotes that inspires you?

Like my tattoo says, “We live for the nights we can’t remember, with the friends we will never forget”.  As I said before, trance has brought me close to so many people around the world and they are all so special.