Lucid Nightmare – Raving In Paradise


Our sister passed away on February 28th …surrounded by her family and friends… (with) unconditional and undying love.  She (will be) remembered always and forever in the hearts of her Mother Heather, Father Tod, Brother Donald and Sister Felecia.  (the family asks) nothing more than everyone to hold their loved ones a little tighter, tell them you love them and most importantly live in light and love.

Death is inevitable. No one is ever prepared for it and especially with a life so young.

Over the weekend (06/10/2017), I was recently reminded how beautiful and fragile life is, and how the power of music can mean so much. But first and foremost, I would like to thank Donald and Felecia Hernandez for sharing something dearly with me and allowing me to be witness.

Toward the end of the night while attending Motive Event’s Garden of Eden party, I ran into a Facebook friend, Donald Hernandez who introduced me to his friends and sister for some normal chit chatting. I asked him who was his favorite set of the night, and he mentioned Triceradrops (aka JJ). I asked if he has ever met him and replied “…no…”, so I followed up with “…would you like to meet him?”. I introduced them to JJ who is a genuine, humble person and very easy to strike up a conversation with. Little did I know what was going to transpire, in the course of the interaction, Donald and Felecia shared how their sister Candice was such a huge fan of JJ. In fact, he was her favorite trance DJ.

Sadly, Candice had recently passed away and they were beyond grateful to have met him, and having that conversation was everything for them. I wouldn’t do this story justice coming from my own words, so I have copied the transcript of the conversation from Donald and Felecia.

Donald – “My sister Candice started out as a bass head, trap, dub step fan, but the day we took her to Dreamstate (SoCal 2016) it all changed. We got there at the beginning of Triceradrops set and she had already heard him once before online, but the moment Lucid Nightmare’ came on she said she felt it in her soul. That is when that became her favorite song and he became her favorite DJ. She never stopped talking about going to see him again, I’m just sad she never got the chance to. Talking to him (JJ) and being able to tell him her story and give him her kandi meant the world to me. I feel like I lived out one of her dreams for her and I was honored to do so. He is one of the humblest and sincere people I’ve met and I can see why she felt his music because he puts his heart and soul into it and it shows.”

Felicia – “Triceradrops was her favorite trance DJ of all time… (Donald and I) both wanted to let him know how much his music changed her. His music made her fall in love with trance and that was the most liberated she had ever felt in her life. Sharing her story with him, you could see how affected he was and how happy he was to know he made a difference. My brother and I decided that he needed to have her first Kandi necklace. Triceradrops is a one of a kind person. He shed real tears and showed genuine hurt for her passing. He loves his fans and all he wanted to do is a make a difference. I know how happy she is to know that she got to give him back some of the love he shared with her and make an impact on his life, just the way his music impacted hers.”

I have always known from the first time I met JJ, he was going to be special; however, I believe for the first time that night, he saw exactly how impactful he was; truly moved to tears by Candice’s story as I was. For any family, it’s always a nightmare to lose someone as beloved as her. After speaking with the family, I have come to love both them and Candice; and sadden that I will never meet her.

In Taoism, the balance, harmony and way of life teaches that tragedy paves way to good fortune. A true trance angel she was; her passing had given a second chance at life through donating her kidneys. This selfless act had allowed two mothers to go back home to their husbands, sons and daughters. As life goes on, there are the highs and there are the lows which can bring grief, pain and sorrow. However, these challenges are part of every day living which provides a perspective in life to hold on and cherish the good times even so much more. As Confucius would say how one grain of rice could tip the scale, one good moment shall outweigh all the pains and sorrows. It is a reminder to everyone that there is hope out there and even in the darkest moments you can find that silver lining.

Her memories will forever live on.

Thank you Donald and Felicia for sharing your sister’s story with JJ and myself; thank you for allowing me to share her story.

Candice Nicole Hartman (January 11, 1989 – February 28, 2017)

Rave in Paradise Candice,

-Danielle Sanders