Let There Be Plur Angels: Interview with Anthony Bonnett 


Anthony Bonnett

Hometown: Lodi, CA
Profession: Business owner
Hobbies: Photography, EDM, Jetskis
Affiliations: Plur Angels, Autism Speaks

Are angels among us?

No matter your spiritual belief, sometimes we all feel in need of an angel under distressed moments. The safety and well-being of every partier is the number one concern for all promoters aside from having a good time.  The scene, our community and this culture has gained notoriety in the public eye. And from the outside looking in, our community has been deemed to be a drug infested culture.

I would have to admit who doesn’t like to liquor up when enjoying a night out with friends or family. Nevertheless, we are taught to do it responsibly and the same judgment must be adhered no matter the choice of party. As well, each and every one of us have the civic duty to keep our party peers safe and sound every step of the moment. But when complacency takes the best of us, there are still those roaming around watching over us.  They may not be mystical Angels but they are still Angels: PLUR Angels.

“PLUR Angels consists of volunteers who are committed to harm reduction and education for our community. PLUR Angels invites people of all walks of life to volunteer their time and services. Our volunteers survey the venue, monitoring the well-being of attendees, and are equipped with basic safety items such as: bottled water, gloves, condoms, earplugs, band-aids, tampons, and sanitary wipes etc. We serve as extra the “eyes and ears” for event medical personnel. Our volunteers are trained to observe risky behavior and signs of someone in distress. In case of an emergency, we have devised procedures that are executed in order to provide the person in need of the proper medical care.” – www.plurangels.org

As a board member, how did PLUR Angels come together?

The PLUR Angels program came together when there was a clear need for harm reduction at EDM events. It was decided the best way to get our message out, was to become a non-profit organization. A board of directors was formed of like-minded people to make sure day-to-day operations ran smoothly. We have rapidly been expanding. Who knew an idea that started out of the Bay Area would expand into other chapters.

We service Southern California, Northern California, the Central Coast and Lake Tahoe. We have more PLUR Angels chapters in the works and are super excited to get them up and running.

Who are the members?

Gina Maschio – Director of Human Resources
Jennifer Valente-Bonnett – Volunteer Coordinator, Director
Paulette Varelas – Director of Operation
Stephen Haydon – Executive Director and
myself (Anthony Bonnett Director of Community Outreach).

What is the recruiting process like? How do you reach out to people for volunteers?

For our recruiting process, we have an application online and from there, we have a telephone interview and a cognitive test to take. We reach out to volunteers through social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We also have business cards and brochures, we pass out at events.

Is the process rigorous? Can you share an example of a test you give?

The process isn’t rigorous at all. The first step is to apply at http://www.plurangels.org/home/join-us. You will fill out an application that will be sent to our volunteer coordinator. After that has been received, you will receive a message to set up a date and time for a phone interview. The phone interview is a breeze. We just want to know why harm reduction is something that is important to you and if you have any questions about us as an organization, we can get you those answers. Once that is completed, you will be given a link to our exam and PLUR Angel manual, an 85% or better is a passing score.  The exam and manual are a very important tool for us, this ensures all Angels are aware of our procedure, protocols and what is expected of them at each event. This helps ensure the safety of our volunteers, participants, promoters, medical personnel and venue staff.

This is on our website. http://www.plurangels.org/plur-angels-certification-exam/

Here is some example,

Which of these is grounds to execute an Emergency Procedure?

  • A) Patient vomiting, coherent, and A&O X4
  • B) Patient intoxicated
  • C) Patient unconscious
  • D) Both A & B

Which of these is grounds to execute an Emergency Procedure?

  • A) Patient vomiting, coherent, and A&O X4
  • B) Patient intoxicated
  • C) Patient unconscious
  • D) Both A & B

“A&O X4” means: ________; and refers to: __________

  • A) Alert and Oriented; How intoxicated the patient is
  • B) Able & Operational; Physical functions
  • C) Airway Obstruction; Breathing capacity
  • D) Alert and Oriented times 4; Assessment questions

Have you personally or others from the group experience any close call? If so, what was the moment like physically and mentally?

We take participant safety and confidentiality very seriously. Everyone deserve to seek help without having to worry about their night being discussed. We as a program do this because we come from a place of love, there is no judgment here. It’s important to us that all participants feel safe and come to us if they need help. You will not get in trouble. I cannot stress this enough. You’ve got to have a lot of heart and understand that some nights will not be easy, but the benefits of this program are very rewarding. And at the end of the night it’s all about everyone getting home safely.

Finally, what is some great advice you would like to share with our party peers to stay safe and sound?

Take care of yourself and others. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Take rest breaks when needed. If someone looks like they’re not doing that great, don’t be afraid to get a PLUR Angel or Medical Personnel. Live, love the music and just dance.