Las Vegas – Danielle’s 2018 EDC Experience

by | Jun 16, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

It amazes me how certain things work out in life

I am a believer that with the right mindset and positive outlook, things will always fall into place. After EDC Las Vegas 2017, I did no plan to attend anymore EDC for a few years. In fact, up until this past April, I still wasn’t planning on going to EDC 2018 but a series of events took place, and I couldn’t be more than thankful to have attended. My original plan was to attend Spring Frequency, which was scheduled for the same weekend, but due to construction, the event got pushed back freeing up the May 18-20 for my best friend and me. We already had the approved vacation requests so off to EDC we were.

Since it was last-minute, we did not plan it out as we normally do – from the pre parties on Thursday, to the DJs we wanted watch, we just went with the flow. EDC for me has become a reunion of old friends. Friends I only get to see during EDC. Friends from all over the world, from every culture, background. Different sizes, races, and personalities, and we all come together for this event. EDC definitely lives up to its creed, all are welcome here; and you just wish that motto could live outside of the festival.

EDC changing its date to May was amazing. The weather was perfect. Never scorching hot and it was nice. You could comfortably walk around. My fluffies were a welcome part of my costume when it came to the early morning hours this year.  I think this helped with everyone’s attitudes as well, because people seemed to be less irritated allowing for a better experience all around.

Every year EDC goes a little bigger, bolder, and grander. I spend more time at other stages then I did last year, but still spent a majority of my days at Quantum Valley. It was as if all the complaints of last year was heard and answered by ditching the tent. The Dreamstate stage was magic. From the opening sounds of Ganesh who came out swinging all the way to Blaztoys, closing out the festival, trance was being heard this year. Especially with night two, Vini Vici, closing out the main stage.  I cannot believe psy-trance was on the main stage. A feat I definitely was not going to miss. It is funny how prior to Dreamstate 2015; Psytrance was barely being played at non-desert events.  It has come a long way in a few years.  Vini Vici murdered the main stage. It was awesome to watch live and be a part of history.

I can go on and on about EDC. However, the reality is whatever attitude you have will dictate your experience. It is a big large festival with over 100,000 people daily. Some are jerks; some are there for all the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, if you worry more about what others are doing you lose the reason why you are there. Going into EDC with little expectations, other than I am going to reunite with friends and enjoy myself listening to the music I love. Escaping the horrors of reality and for three glorious nights living under the electric sky.

EDC 2018 was epic, and I cannot wait to attend again.

-Danielle Sanders