LA’s Common Ground Tour recap : Above n’ Beyond

by | Jan 10, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Excitement was building as the face of Anjunabeats came to town

Above & Beyond’s new album tour Common Ground premiered at the Los Angeles Convention Center before touring the rest of the country with top-notch supporting acts of Spencer Brown, Grum and Gabriel & Dresden as fans were in for a fantastic night.

Spencer Brown opening was a perfect warmup to the night with groovy deep house vibes that welcomed the Anjuna Family  followed with Grum’s amazing journey set and when he dropped Innerbloom, the crowd’s reaction was pure joy. And Gabriel & Dresden rocked the convention center with their groovy progressive sounds off their newly released album The Only Road.

An Above & Beyond 3-hour set is a pretty rare occurrence and it did not disappoint at all. Playing classics such as Walter White, Black Room Boy,

Thing Called Love, Sun & Moon, Sirens of the Sea and Air For Life; fans were thrilled with the track selection and the progression of their set. The production was nothing short of amazing as the LA Convention Center staff kept the crowd mesmerized with a plethora of lasers and lights which perfectly set the mood for this magical evening.

As an old fan of their early work during the Trance Around The World era, I was not disappointed with their mix of newer productions and older classics. New releases from the Common Ground album built off the styles of the We Are All We Need & Group Therapy albums. Northern Lights feat. Richard Bedford, truly stood out to me as the lyrics are heartfelt and sincere with a message many fans can relate to.

The magic formula of inspirational lyrics and driving synth lines truly drive the success of A&B. The connection their music creates with old and new fans displayed their progression as artists and their respect for their roots.

This is a tour you don’t want to  miss!

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-Matt Gucci