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by | Nov 1, 2020 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Covid-19 has single handedly halted the live events where…

…thousands of jobs and revenues have been lost, and the industry has seen little relief. Going out to live events has provided millions of people joy, sanity and fulfillment. For the average raver or club goer, it has been a nightmare but for someone like myself who is use to going out all the time, this year has been hell. So after months of nothing in Southern California, Gareth Emery announced a ‘Drive-In Rave’ at the Grove of Anaheim for September 18th and 19th. I was beyond excited for this first event back in Los Angeles and it was trance. Trance Family LA was buzzing. To be honest, I was going to go regardless of who was playing. I wanted a live event, and so did everyone else.

Tickets sold out instantly, and when a third show was announced, this sold out as well. I was lucky to secure tickets to both Friday and Saturday night, so I borrowed my brother’s Ram truck, booked a hotel room for the weekend in Anaheim and soon it was ‘rave day’. The week of the event they announced the opening act for Friday night to be the queen of trance herself Kristina Sky, and Mark Eteson for Saturday and Sunday.

I was really excited and was reassured with the safety measures that the Grove in Anaheim had in place. There has been concerts all Summer long, but this was the first EDM event. Everything was contactless, even the security checks. The event’s app was user friendly and ordering drink & food was quick. My favorite part was the bathroom queue. You put your name in and they sent you a text when it was your turn or you could use the porta potties.

Kristina Sky opened up for her first appearance in months. To make the moment even more memorable, she dropped her newest track with Danny Stubbs feat Evan Henzi, High Tide that is scheduled to be released on October 16th on Perfecto.

Gareth Emery came out and it felt like things were back to pre-Covid as I was getting lost in the music with my friends just standing in the back of the truck singing off key with my friends, just amazing. Gareth played 2.5 hours of amazing trance of his biggest hits with my favorite classic tracks from him such as Concrete Angel, U and Sansa. The event ended at 10pm which normally is when the party starts, but for an event back since the lockdowns, it was a good time.

On night-2, I was now an expert on how to do a drive-in car rave and I was ready. My friend David and his crew from the central valley came down for this night and we had organized to be together inside the event. Mark Eteson delivered a great opening set, setting the mood perfectly. Gareth came on and just like night-1, he delivered again. Though most of his track selection were similar, the set programming was not the same, because on this night he dropped Sanctuary and some other tracks that were not played on night-1. 

Two nights of Gareth Emery drive-in car rave was incredible. Though we weren’t back to like a normal event but the feels, the lights, the sounds, being present was like pre-Covid. 

Live events are a sanctuary for many of us and for that weekend it gave me a sense of security and joy that was missing which was something I took for granted living in Southern California. I saw familiar faces, waved and blew kisses. I had the Trance Family LA flag flying high for the first time this year. 

The event was a success, and I hope more are to come because this was satisfying and I will take this over live stream any day.

-Danielle Sanders

Courtesy of Gareth Emery