L.A – Subterranean Dwellers – ZODIAC – Review


Getting ‘Psyratchet’ at Zodiac Underground

After attending a few massive events, it was beyond refreshing to attend this underground event—ZODIAC hosted by Subterranean Dwellers on September 9th, 2016 at the Garage Gallery, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, CA.  Subterranean Dwellers is known for events which brings the “Psyratchet” to life with their pulsating trance and techno sounds that has allowed them to make a mark in the underground dance scene.

As any event in Los Angeles, the biggest problem you will face is PARKING.  This was no exception, luckily there was a reasonable priced parking lot a few blocks off.  The host at the event were friendly and quick to get everyone inside.  The venue was amazingly soundproof as you could not hear any noise from outside.  However once inside, the thumping ‘four-to-the-floor’ kick of trance took over the building.   You were surrounded by beautiful art work that was being painted and sold throughout the night.  The art seemed to come alive as the music let your imaginations run wild with the emotions that trance and techno allow you to feel.  In the back of the gallery was a black-lit room where the underground world came to life.

The music was exceptional with DJs like Triceradrops and Othervibe making the most of their sets.  The intimate venue allowed you to see the loyalty of underground fans as they greeted each

other and interacted the DJs with familiarity. As I spoke with DJ Othervibe, he expressed his love for the underground scene.

“…the underground scene is where I started going to events, the desert and forest…”

For Othervibe, who started DJ’ing for a high school senior project has been a loyal member of the underground scene.  His influences and introduction to the underground stem back from the infamous Kahn.  We discussed his start and focused on how the underground scene has stayed true to the ultimate reason everyone goes—the people, music and vibe…!!!

As the night progressed, I wandered in-out of the building and patio observing people and I danced when the music compelled me to.  My rave family, Plurrfect Rave Fam—Chris, Jack, Irvin, Jojo and Anthony was enjoying the night out of each other’s company; I saw glovers giving amazing light shows while friends got lost in the intimate crowd.  I couldn’t help from smiling because the event reminded me so much of the flyer parties of my youth.  For those 6 hours, I was transfixed into a world where the real world doesn’t exist and how this community is the

reason for our existence. After each artist ended their respected set, the audience would go wild and show their appreciations for them.  Partiers ranged from those going at max level the entire night down to those who just sat back and watched.  I also spotted Leiel trying to blend in the crowd and enjoy a night off dancing with fans.

Zodiac was a nice low-key party with great props, decoration, crowd and music in a great location.  I cannot wait for their next event…!!!

-Danielle Sanders

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