SoCal – Intricacy : Unrstrctd Label Night


Trance is my passion

Mainstream, underground and everything in between. I love it all. Though money is essential to fund events and compensate the talents, what I love most are promoters who care more about the music than the dollars.

Bakari Deal , founder of Intricacy in 2015, has found a way to keep the bottom line at a minimum to provide world class music in SoCal. On Friday, Nov 4th, he threw his 16th event under the Intricacy name by featuring its first label night for Casey Rasch’s label Unrstrctd. The intimate group gathered inside the beautiful Garage Gallery in downtown L.A. A true definition of Trance fans and a quintessential industry function.

DJ Liam Wilson commented how he loves playing for these intimate groups because as he quoted, “…everyone was there for the music…”. The energy of the crowd was infectious as everyone smiled and hugged each other in greeting.

The evening comprised of Carlos Arteaga B2B Vincent Paul who seamlessly played well together as if they did it for years. Starting the night off with high energies, the crowd grew with familiar fans and friends who came to support Bakari, Casey and the artists. The DJs interacted well with the crowd and blended in well as patrons. A fan of J.J-Triceradrops by the name of Jorge had a priceless moment when I told him he was standing next to him. Overhearing my conversation with J.J about t-shirts, he interjected to desire one and without missing a beat, let us know he came to see Triceradrops play that night and was one of the main reasons he bought his ticket for Dreamstate SoCal. It has been awhile since I have seen someone be a‘fanboy’. I am still not sure who had the bigger surprise reaction, Jorge or J.J.

In all, it was a good industry night with Casey, Liam Wilson and Triceradrops all killing their sets. I weaved in and out of the crowd mingling and dancing with my friends and rave family. As the early morning hours started to creep in, the crowd started to dwindle. We said our goodbyes and like a true gentleman, Casey walked me to my car as his first label night was a success.

On a side note, an event to anticipate as Intricacy will be hosting the Trance stage at this year’s Winter Fresh with artist Airwave, Artic moon, Allan Morrow, James Dymond, and of course Casey Rasch on Dec 3rd , 2016 at the Union in Los Angeles.

-Danielle Sanders

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