Insomniac / Factory 93 / Las Vegas – Deadmau5, Maceo Plex and friends

by | Jun 6, 2021 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

It’s been nearly a year and things are looking hopeful

As people are getting vaccinated, the economy is slowly opening back up and so is the entertainment industry. Artists, DJs and fans all alike tried finding ways to keep themselves sane throughout this Covid-19 pandemic by either binging Youtube repeats of their favorite artist or bedroom DJ entertaining their friends through webcams. Nonetheless, the future is gleaming with hope as the dance industry is making its way back which first started out with drive-thru events in late 2020.

There were a lot of skepticism when Insomniac announced Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas was going to happen on the weekend of May 21-23, 2021 and to no surprise EDC LV got postponed for October 22-24, 2021. Fortunately, the original weekend of EDC LV was filled in with two spectacular days of techno, tech-house, house and electro. Day-1 featured none other than Deadmau5 with the supporting cast of Nero and No Mana, whereas Day-2 was Factory 93 night featuring Maceo Plex, Michael Bibi and the mouse man himself (Deadmau5) under the Testpilot moniker.

Unfortunately, I did not partake on Day-1 but I heard rave reviews about that evening and the lines at the entrance were up the ying-yang.

Courtesy of Dexter’s Laboratory

Day-2 was that day where I finally got to enter through the gate of an event and it felt good. Prior to making our way in the venue, there was a strict policy that all attendees were to have proof of negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours or a proof of at least the first vaccination which was a non issue for me. And as well, since the event was 18+, we were also ID’d for alcohol bracelet.

Walking into the venue, it dawned on me that we were no longer looking backward to what had transpired in the last year or so (though it did cost many lives), and that things were looking good as planned out and I loved it. We got into the venue during Michael Bibi groovy tech-house set and as I was surrounded amongst the crowd, everything felt into place. I was happy to finally be dancing in the middle of a crowd without a face mask though there were very few who still chose to keep theirs on.

For as often I have seen Deadmau5, this was my first time seeing him under his techno alias Testpilot. His techno set is not for the faint of heart if you really love the sound and the eye candy of Deadmau5, because Testpilot is for the true techno lover no questions ask. The set was grimy, dark, very progressive, melodic and had very few drops. It kept you going enough and grooving without fatigue. There was not a hint of a single Deadmau5 sound which is what I would expect. Though I did enjoy it, his Testpilot set are better suited indoor in my opinion.

Last but not least, Maceo Plex brought a funky, techy, acidy, old school house music sound with a flair of an old track by Sugar called The Feeling. I love house music so it was the perfect way to close out the night. This was a fairly typical Maceo Plex track which by the time he came on, all the toxic juices were running down my veins and it was nothing but good time among good friends.

In all, I had a very good time after being away from events for over year, it felt good to finally walk through crowds and danced among them.

Though the dance community was momentarily halted by this virus which has taken many lives globally, for many of us who has lost love ones, we will finally be able to rejoice under the electric sky in remembrance to those who fell victim to Covid-19.

I cannot wait to rejoin all of you on the dance floor soon again.

-Jawn Gee


Courtesy of Factory 93