Illenium dominated San Francisco

by | Dec 10, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Heading into a long Thanksgiving weekend

Illenium marched into San Francisco to dominate one heck of a frenzy crowd. We arrived late for the openers Echos, Dabin, and SaidTheSky, but looking upon their Instagram galleries, we found that we missed out as approximately 8,500 people impressively complete Trevor Christensen’s life goal of a OwlCity choir edition of Fireflies.

Illenium was unquestionably phenomenal as almost every aspect of the set was great. Usually when my group and I see an artist live, we try to consider the entirety of their performances, everything from transitions to visuals and even their production team. His transitions were spot on along with his arrangement of every song. One of the members of my group mentioned that he felt the visuals also told a good story. His production team’s hard work went hardly unnoticed by us as well. You had lights to your left and to your right,

above the stage and even hanging from the ceiling. There was nearly every special effect you could really ask for in a show; from lights and lasers to fire, smoke, and confetti. The sparklers shower in one of the final songs was like two cherries on top of this beautiful sundae. It made me wish I had made the earlier fight through the crowd on the floor to be dancing under it.

Illenium not only accomplished his dream of playing at the Bill Graham in his hometown San Francisco but completely annihilated it.

-Maelien Nguyen