Halloweentastic with Dash Berlin in Fresno

by | Nov 5, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Dash Berlin has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember

So when I heard he was performing a couple hours away, I had to snag a ticket and take a little road trip with my cousin for her first ever event. Just as excited as I was, Fresno was embracing for him for this very special Halloween show which sold out with ease thanks to Klin and Midnite Events.

The Rainbow Ballroom is a quaint decent sized venue. I was a little thrown off that I couldn’t bring in my Camelbak which I take with me everywhere, but one $3 water would suffice for the night. As an active event goer in Northern California parts, I’m used to bigger venues with the availability of upstairs seating but the size and layout of this venue didn’t make that big of an issue. For a sold out show there was still plenty of room to freely dance to your heart’s content.

This was Dash Berlin’s first appearance in Fresno and it will be surprising if he does not return again soon. The inspiration and passion put on by the crowd was anything but beyond amazing. You could feel the love and support everyone gave off from the beginning of Elyria, through Neeya and Lighthouse into Dash’s final song of the night. For the duration of the show everyone showed an immense amount of love and that’s what its really all about.

This was my second time seeing him and won’t be my last. His ecstatic vibe really draws you in and brings outs an energy from the audience like no other.

By the end of the night I could feel and embarrassedly smell how exhausted I was from all the dancing and fun I had but it was completely worth it.

I even got to trade kandi with some really great people there.

-Maelien Nguyen