Gone Bananas with DADA LIFE at Summer Love

by | Oct 14, 2016 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

The Thunder at the McClellan Center with Dada Life

Summer Love 2011 featuring Porter Robinson and Liquid Stranger is what started it for me when I was only 16 years-old.  Midnite Events came thru once again with a classic Summer Love on October 9th, 2016 at the McClellan Center. The line up consisted of a killer trio with Dada Life, TJR and 12th Planet.  My previous time at this venue was for Mr. Bubble Island by Lite Brite which I love the space.  The venue offers various warehouse options but for that night, the right dance hall was selected.

Alexx Adam and I

I got there around 8:45PM and the line was very long but only took about 30 minutes to get in. The night started off very well with the up and coming Alexx Adams tearing up the decks to open up for 12th PlanetAlexx Adams is an amazing local DJ who was very friendly and gave me his time to take pictures with.

Then came on 12th Planet which has yet to disappoint me; he had the crowd moving from hardstyle fans to those headbangers out there breaking thru necks with that old style trap fusion sound. Might I say this was the earliest I have ever seen him play but given the line up, he set the stage right for TJR.  Upon the end of his set, he came to the crowd bringing out TJR which was my very first time seeing him play live.

I had no expectations and I was ‘blown out of the water…!!!’

I loved the high energy he brought to the crowd with some of the flushest transitions of the night. He spared no expense on time and played his whole set down to the last second. Ending TJR, we were finally brought to the main event for Dada Life.

Up to that point, the production was super simple with nothing special until they brought out the props which I later understood was part of their show.  We were all going ‘bananas’ as they came on stage with inflatable champagne bottles and bananas. Immersing ourselves in their music brought a beautiful feeling that night where it felt real again; as we come to raves to let go and be free of judgment and segregation. You could feel everyone’s energy as we shock the McClellan Center jumping to the beat.

Midnite Events spared no expense to bring clear quality sounds and lighting.  And this is the endearing Summer Love that I knew got me into this scene when I was just 16 years-old to the now grown adult that I am today.

And I am still having one of the best end of Summer events.

-Tim Warden

CLICK HERE for more pictures courtesy of Midnite Events