Global Eclipse Gathering 2017

by | Sep 22, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

It was easily one of the most amazing experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my lifetime

Global Eclipse Gathering 2017 was a truly unique occurrence connecting thousands of like-minded individuals for this eclipse chasing phenomena located at the beautiful scenic ranch of Big Summit Prairie covering over 55,000 acres in the Ochoco National Forest of Oregon.

I first heard about it after experiencing Symbiosis for the first time in 2016. I knew there was no question about traveling to Oregon for the eclipse. I bought my ticket as soon as I could and anxiously awaited all year for Summer to arrive so I could once again experience that Symbiosis vibe. This event was going to be on a whole new level because of collaboration with several other festivals from all over the world including Canada, Costa Rica, California, France, UK, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Colorado, and Japan. The excitement and energy of people gathering for such a cosmic event was monumental. This being the first total solar eclipse to touch the US since 1979, Oregon was the no.1 sought after place in the world to view the 2 minutes of totality. I felt it was such a blessing to be able to bear witness it with my own eyes.

Onto an 8-hour trip from Sacramento, my car was packed with camping gears and we were so stoked to spend a week in the forest partying it up to experience something so special. The drive was long, yet beautiful as we saw the sunrise slowly expose the Oregon countryside for the first time. Leading into the festival, the wait for us lasted around 12 hours total but it was completely worth it.

Global Eclipse Gathering was a diverse creative environment full of endless possibilities, with 7 stages, art installations, workshops round the clock, yoga, music, dance, vendors, food, amazing people a gorgeous lake to connect and recharge your spirit with nature. Overall, it’s a mix of Burning Man like party vibes, mixed with a conscious learning atmosphere, and Native tribal roots.

The day offered a great time to chill, hangout by the water, go down some water slides or get naked in a mud pit which I highly recommend. Once the sun set, the festival was awakening and breathing for an opportune time to explore glowing arts and let loose in the music. My favorite set had to be CharlestheFirst who made me so alive and completely lost myself in his melodic bass. However, a favorite of ours was the Sun stage that played psy-trance all day and night. I never realized how intense and meditative the music can be if you open yourself up to it.

With so many activities, I partook to an ecstatic dance workshop that started out very slow, calm, and went through several different genres in which people all around me freely flowed in whatever interpretive ways their bodies wanted to express. I also got to experience live foreign music which was highly relaxing and connecting. There were workshops to learn about herbalism and I sat in one that had people sharing their psychedelic/spiritual experiences. I also attended a yoga class by Christi Christensen for my second time since Symbiosis. The class is a mix of yoga and dance, allowing you to breathe, feel your body to shake off any tension and stress. It leaves you feeling so light, whole, connected in your body, in love and empowered in yourself.

The morning of the eclipse was one spectacle I will never forget. Woke up rushing to the Sun Temple was a very intense feeling as everyone gathered. The light made everything looked strangely dim and people were in awe as they put on their solar glasses with anticipation for when the sun and moon would finally meet. Native Americans chanted as people were howling and applauding, and I was going to witness the totality of something that will forever be burned into my memory.

As the moon covered the sun, everything went dark revealing the purest white light I have ever seen emanating around it to appear like some kind of cosmic black hole in the sky. I was overwhelmed with intense feeling of ‘wowness’ like on a rock floating in space, making me feel very aware of how bizarre and amazed at my own existence. It was truly an exhilarating experience where thousands of people were chasing the same experience and the perfect view of this natural phenomenon.

Why do I attend these gatherings? For the chance to be transformed and be influenced by something new through meeting diverse people from different cultures. To open my mind to new things and enjoy music I may not have heard before while bonding with your friends, and detach yourself from societal pressure and technology. To dwell in a creative space for inspiration to form new ideas in your mind while envisioning a more collaborative and sustainable society, and be immersed in a whole new world full of culture, but most of all, to find connection with our fellow human beings and nature that deep down we all really crave.

There is so much to say about my Oregon Eclipse experience, but above all, you have to experience it for yourself. Go out, get out of your comfort zone, travel, explore, dance, free yourself, create your reality and don’t miss out on the chance to experience something entirely new.

You never know what you may learn about yourself in which you can carry that with you throughout the rest of your life.

-Marissa Tinsley