Give Thanks Festival 2022

by | Dec 26, 2022 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

This year’s Give Thanks was…

…set outdoors for the first time on two-chilly nights in Sacramento, California. It was an experience that were filled with extraordinary memories and several cups of mixed drinks to keep warmth (thank you alcohol lol).

The promoter/producer, Midnite Events, partnered up with THIS916 to take a chance on an outdoor venue at The Railyards. Although there were a bit of mishaps according to comments on the Give Thanks Festival socials’ such as parking not being available and restroom lines being long, the music was provided by a two-day stacked line up which included Excision, Space Laces, Above & Beyond, and Gareth Emery which kept the crowd wanting for more.

Day-one of Give Thanks was a bass hitting sold out night as Excision headlined to an attracted younger crowd. This crowd was extremely excited to enter into the outdoor venue as the line was formed way before doors open. Once the door has opened for the festival-goers, all of them rushed to the sound of music and possibly hoping to get their neck broken at the end of the night. Day-two attracted a bit of an older crowd with a trance, progressive sound with Above & Beyond as the top billing. Festival-goers all came in with a calm, happy mood along with wanting to get their drinking wristbands as soon as possible. Near the end of the night, Above & Beyond ended their set with Sun & Moon, which festival-goers sang their hearts out. You could just see the smiles and hugs going on as they were singing.

Give Thanks 2022 was once again an event that people will remember due to the amazing lineup both Midnite Events and THIS 916 had provided to the electronic dance community in Sacramento and the rest of the Bay Area for two nights.

If Give Thanks does happen to be outside again next year, just remember to bring a pair of gloves, a beanie, a jacket, and warm smiles but which I don’t forsee.

-David Nguyen