Galantis Aviary Tour in Sacramento Stop

by | Nov 12, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Galantis showed why they sell out

Galantis Aviary Tour in Sacramento was a stellar mesmerizing performance for everyone who had the pleasure of attending. As soon as I arrived, it was clear much like any other Midnite Events shows, this was a sold out night as the line wrapped around the corner and down the block. No one can deny that GALANTIS definitely has their crowd pleasing entertainment down, as their performances comprise of hard dedication making it look easy and flawless.

The entire night the crowd pulsated with energy as the duo had everyone in the auditorium dancing together uniting as one. Many of their tracks riled the dance floor such as Peanut Butter Jelly, Smile and even mixing it up with some old school mash-ups, from the late diva Whitney Houston. And without a doubt, the one song that topped the cake was their most popular track Runaway and U & I  which shook up the room, and for a second, time stood still.

As people were singing at the top of their lungs, the dance floor was taken over by dreamers tantalizing about flying in the sky where the wind blows. With the wondrous red lights penetrating from ceiling to floor, there was never a dull moment. Every background image was right on point, being perfectly timed. And when their famous mascot the SILVER FOX appeared, the dancers roared with excitement.

It was a magical moment for a short time as I had forgotten that I was in Sacramento. It felt more of a city vibe.

Many thanks to Midnite Events for their continuous effort in bringing out to Sacramento artists we yearn for, and always giving the fans sensational shows!

-Justine Buckland