Fresno – Electric Fairy Tale – Review

by | Oct 24, 2016 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Thanks for another amazing night

Fresno outdid themselves again with Electric Fairy Tale—Oct 10th, 2016—held at the beautiful Chukchansi Ballpark in downtown Fresno, CA hosted by K-Lin Productions.

Upon our arrival to the event while waiting in line to get our tickets scanned and be searched, you can hear the ‘…untz untz untz…’.  The place felt spectacular and colorful.  There was this nostalgia; it was almost a ‘…take me back to Electric Daisy Carnival moment…’ and reliving it again at Electric Fairy Tale with carnival rides, food, difference stages and everyone in different style costumes and beautiful make up.  It felt like a tiny EDC.

Chukchansi Ballpark, a baseball stadium where 3 stages—trance, trap and hardstyle—were spread throughout the concourse complemented with rides.  If you are familiar with a baseball park, the concourse is shape like a ‘V’ where the trance stage was at the vertex with the other stages at each end of the concourse.

Entering the venue, you were greeted with the trap stage for up and coming new artist playing various genres of trap electro hip-hop fusion.  To the far right

corner, a carousal was on display which took ravers in joyful rides and provided a clear view of the trap stage and close by was a ride (can’t remember the name) that gave you a partial scenic view of the event which took you up and down at a steady pace so memories can be captured.

As we headed left toward the center of the concourse awaited my favorite place to be—the trance Stage. I felt the big stage setup with the visual behind the artist; the sound was impeccable. And as you left the trance stage, it led you into a tunnel-like walkway with concession stands on one side and the baseball field on the other, while ahead the music was rumbling the stands as it led you right into the mosh pit of hardstyle.  The music was so loud it had to be in its own section which echoed through out the ballpark.

With the EDC withdrawals, Electric Fairy Tale was the next best on that weekend which included a stellar trance line up of John 00 Fleming, Indecent Noise, Eddie Batar, Airwave and debuting for the first time Signum.  The hardstyle artists consisted of Pure NRG and banging out the ballpark with Lady Faith, Sylence, Pulsatorz, and Mekanikal.

One of the wonderful things about this event was the ability to upgrade your ticket from general to VIP which included mingling with artists behind the stage and grabbing a few selfies while you’re at it. It was nice and relaxing in the VIP especially after having a minor surgery on my belly.  I wanted to feel secure, safe and was able to sit down to enjoy the music, crowd and the sound had an amazing pitch at any angle behind or in front of the stage, which I was able to enjoy myself and the artist sets.

This being my third time driving from Los Angeles, CA to Fresno, CA to experience these different events and promoters, it’s nice to have that all around love each event has, regardless of the distance, and how everyone looks out for one another, which is why I brought my friends to experience this moment with the Fresno rave family.

-Karttie Wahoff