Emerald Dreams 2021

by | Jul 4, 2021 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

For 15 months,

…every raver has dreamt about going back to their first event. To be back under an electric sky with the people you love and the strangers you can’t wait to meet. On Saturday, June 26th, 2021, Fresno came back and it came back with a bang as K-Lin presented Emerald Dreams. A single stage show with some huge names in trance, Gareth Emery, Emma Hewitt, Chris Schweizer, Dustin Husain, Emerge, Yao Moua, and Yokes graced the fans of Chukchansi Park in the heart of downtown Fresno. And on this night, dancing in the heat was worth being back at live events.

The music was spectacular, I made the drive with my friend Chris from LA, and we were not disappointed. Gareth laid down a highly energized set and the crowd was going wild the whole time.

What a way to come back!

Emma had a very fun intimate 30-min set where she showcased her beautiful voice, and it was perfect as she was able to keep the energy high the whole time. But the three sets that stole the night for me was Chris Schweizer, Dustin Husain and Yao Moua. Chris Schweizer set was perfection in progressive as  the build on the set was exactly what I love and he made the most out of that one hour. Dustin Husain followed with a superb uplifting set that had drive and emotion from the beginning to end. And Yao Moua played a perfect opening set, setting the tone for the whole night. By the time the event ended, my feet were screaming at me, I was hot and sweaty, and I couldn’t wait to get back to my hotel room.

Fresno definitely has a special energy in the city for events. It is almost like a well-kept secret for the state of California where the biggest and baddest parties in the country are located in one state, but a hidden gem smack in the middle brings that young, fresh and new energy.

K-Lin Events delivered again and cannot wait for the next trance event in Fresno.

-Danielle Sanders