EDC Week – Elrow Pool Party

by | Jun 2, 2019 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

It’s more than the just the festival

The FOMO is this psychological feeling and during EDC week, that feeling is real. And thanks to live streaming, some things cannot be missed out on but they still do not come close to the real experience. Nonetheless, since the 2011 Las Vegas inception, Electric Daisy Carnival has carved into a week long of after-parties, clubbing and pool events in which one of the beneficiaries are bringing their unique and fun carnival vibe.

EDC Week 2019 was primed for Elrow, and Elrow is primed for Las Vegas after sold-out success in New York City and Miami during WMC. With a residency debut on May 19th, the Vegas area and its neighboring demography will be in for a real treat as it was announced the partnership line up [with Wynn] will remain for the rest of 2019.

With many options for pool parties, I had the opportunity to partake and immerse myself in the wondrous world of Elrow at the Wynn Beach Encore with Fisher and Patrick Topping being the musical maestro, but the essence of this event revolved around a carnival-like themed the “Enchanted Fowrest”.

The weather over the week was not so friendly due to an ‘atmospheric river‘, but there was just enough sunlight during the day for the hardcore partiers to make it out and with no expectation, the line was long. Never having been to Beach Encore, the security pat down was fairly strict but once inside, you were welcomed into a Mardi Gras-like festivity with characters and props creating an ambience lost in an Alice In Wonderland saga.

The layout had a pair of poolside lounges on both sides of the dance floor with balcony cabanas overlooking the perimeter of the venue. And no matter where you were at, surround sounds filled in every areas of the place. Other than the usual cabanas, bottle services were also offered at the edge of pools so that you were always at least staying cool [especially in this Vegas heat during the Summer].

Courtesy of Wynn Social

This event reminded me of some of the older raves during the San Francisco hay days of the 90’s with decors which is not something seen as much today because current parties are about that eye candy massive production. However, I would be very curious to see how an Elrow‘s themed party would come to life for a night affair with an overdose of black light … just imagine that.

The partnership between the Wynn and Arnau [Elrow founders] families was the inevitable as Elrow will be bringing an eclectic and unique experience of arts and themes.

Summer 2019 in Vegas is going to be fun.

-Jawn Gee