EDC Mexico 2024


2024 is big year for me as I will finally be tying the knots…,

…and thanks to a few good friends and best man, we made the opportunity to go to EDC Mexico for my bachelor party.  I have gone to EDC Las Vegas many times but doing EDC internationally was going to be a treat for at least four people in our crew who has never been to EDC or let alone a festival. We were 14 people deep and ready to leave it all there.

EDC Mexico ironically took place at a racing track Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez located in Mexico City, and similar to EDC LV, it pretty much occupied the entire area within the track.  This year, EDC Mexico celebrated its 10th anniversary over the weekend of February 23rd through the 25th.  No different than the Las Vegas version, you had the five main stages – Kinetic Field, Circuit Grounds, Neon Garden, Wasteland and Stereo Bloom which also hosted trance by Dreamstate.  But off course, we cannot forget about the various Artcars, Bionic Jungle and the Mixx Stage which catered to local and international Latin pop music.

Our first night, we decided to keep it up mellow and hung out at the Circuit Ground bottle services which I was not too impressed due to how it was placed in site of the stage with a tree blocking part of the view, regardless we were there to catch Camelphat, John Summit and Carl Cox which was the perfect format from progressive to house to techno.  I got the chance to sneak out for the last moments of Alesso at Kinetic Field with the celestial goddess from EDC LV.  Unfortunately, we did not finish off night-1 with some fireworks due to smog issues.

Night-2, we made sure to catch Sara Landry at the Neon Garden and if you are an adrenaline junky, you won’t be disappointed.  Her set is a hardstyle techno that keeps pushing the limit and well worth checking out for those who don’t know.  Afterward we set up at the Kinetic Fields Skydeck which is very different from the Las Vegas experience.  It was on a 2-story scaffold that I did not totally love nor hate it.  The view from the deck faced the stage from an angle which gave a good impression and sheer size of the crowd which I can appreciate, though I would rather have the Skydeck face front for the production experience.  While some of us stayed for Dillon Francis, I had to make my way to Circuit Grounds for James Hype.  As an old school house head, I appreciate some of the tracks he put on from The Drill to Junior Jack’s Thrill Me.  He is becoming of my favorite artist to watch on the decks.  We ended our night back at Kinetic Field for David Guetta, and once again there were no fireworks to wrap up it up.

Night-3, we settle in our Skydeck at Kinetic on the first level very close to the stage, but being this close, it just robs you from the production experience which is something I love to immerse in.  Many of us had dispersed throughout the festival ground to catch their favorite DJs but some notable artists I had to make my way for were Acraze, Hot Since 82 and the Dreamstate stage for some trance.  Unfortunately, it was a huge conflict for our group to stick together as a it was a tug of war between Armin Van Buuren and Skrillex to close the night but at least we got to experience some good fireworks to close out the event.

With everything out of the way, the experience to EDC Mexico was far from stellar.


Traveling to another country is always a fun experience and especially for a festival of this magnitude.  Unlike its Las Vegas counterpart, the whole experience was pretty cheap from flights to hotels and admissions.  We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Palenco where a lot of the artists also stayed there and it was about a 30-minute Uber ride under light traffic, but even with heavy traffic to and from the venue, it was not as daunting as Las Vegas.  Though we did the Skydeck experience, it was still at least five times cheaper than EDC LV.  A cashless bracelet was required to purchase food and drinks and those were also cheap.  Within my line of site, the crowds were pretty chill and I did not see any ordeal, though it was hectic to go through stages.  Unfortunately, many of us did not speak Spanish so it was hard to make new friends but we were fortunate enough to still connect with people from the States.


I appreciate that the security at the VIP and Skydeck check points are doing their jobs, but personally I was getting frustrated with the constant scrutiny that my ‘guest’ wristband credential was receiving as I entered the Skydeck area, when I clearly also had the proper credentials to enter it.  At one point, I had a security tried to confiscate my ‘guest’ wristband who probably would  have tried to extort me for some money.  This infuriated me with unpleased push back.

At EDC LV, I am used to staying there until the very last track has been played and dawn has set upon us, so when the music ended at 2AM while we were all still peaking, this alone was another bad experience I did not like.  I have gone to festivals where it ended at midnight but at least we had afterparties to fall back on and EDC Mexico was not the case.


Mexico City is heavily armed with a lot of police presence and for some reason night-3 had an immense amount of them.  Entering through security gate, these armed police were just confiscated just about anything and everything they wanted to, even though an unsealed cigarette pack was permissible into the event.  Their presence was also felt all over the festival ground making it feel as if you were in some kind of concentration camp; though it is an absurd comment, their presence just took all the PLUR away.

In conclusion, there were more fun than bad moments, but personally, I do not think I will be heading back to EDC Mexico even though it is extremely cheaper than the Las Vegas experience.  But overall, it was still a fun weekend experience and I am glad I did it with friends that matter.

-Jawn Gee