EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Dreamstate Journey

by | Jul 11, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The three words that come to mind when I think of EDC 2017, and though the weather was undeniably hot, it’s not what I was referring to.

I entered EDC 2017 week with the many pre-parties but opted for a selective few. I joined the Grand Cabana crew of the EDC Solo group and hosted one of four cabana for Dreamstate at Marquee. Staying away from the sun under the cabana with our own private pool made the event even that much sweeter. It was so much fun spending the day under the desert sun listening to the best music on earth. It was worth every penny.

Of course the party did not stop there as we left the pool party, checked into our Airbnb to get ready for Dreamstate at Tao nightclub.  Our place was so nice and quiet, and then the debauchery started with Plurrfect and Trance Family LA moving in. Our weekend house was a true party house which I will talk about later.  We ate, unpacked and got ready for another night of trance music.

Tao was packed as usual. I was happy that we got the same table as last year just off the side of the dance floor, where hundreds of random people are migrating through sardining the place up. We had ample viewing, seating and was easily accessible to everyone.  We left Tao back to our Airbnb wanting to rest for the big event, but the squads were over which kept the party lit at 4am.

With our own private parties and DJs coming through, the Airbnb was another extension of EDC.  Nothing beats partying with your family till 8am daily. We had such a great time that EDC was almost an afterthought.

On to the reason why we all went to Sin City.

One of the spectacles of EDC is to experience it from open to close which is insane, but you have to do it once.  Being the first ones through the gates and walking out with the sun rising is an incredible experience. I was able to do it the first two days, but sadly not the third due to an early flight out of LAX. I had to leave the state of Nevada early, but enjoyed my time enough ‘til 330am.

As a rabid trance fan, this year I spent most of my time in Quantum Valley and just like the San Fernando Valley, it was hot! I’m usually one who likes to be around the front left of the stage but found myself toward the back by the production booth for the breeze. Three nights of trance was simply just amazing and I definitely do not regret a single moment spent in there.

I did venture out a few times. And honestly this was the first time in years I actually walked around.  On day-1, I walked through the EDC village and memory lane to take in the beauty that is EDC. All the extra little details and special mementos that Insomniac is so good at doing. I watched the fireworks with my dear friends Bonnie and Jonny at the Kinetic Field VIP Friday and Saturday, and caught both Tiesto and Armin.  This was the first year I felt VIP was truly a fun place to be. The little garden area with the benches and hammocks were my favorite part, as well as the air-conditioned room in the tunnel. The room turned out to be a lifesaver on day-3 when it was too hot to function. Other places I also checked out was Wasteland, where I shocked Steve and Zac as I shuffled to Gunz for Hire. A rare dancing moment you will get from me, but I do love that hard style act.  I also ventured to Neon Gardens where I caught the end of Nicole Moudaber and part of Pan-Pot as well to the Psy-Tribe Art cart to see the amazing Triceradrops make his EDC debut. Roaming around to other stages was nice but my heart belonged at Quantum Valley.

The trance was really good with my favorites being John O’Callaghan, Purple Haze, John Askew and Bryan Kearney. Markus Schulz to me had a proper debut for Dakota and I was able to watch how he designed it but wished the LED screens were bigger. Besides the hot valley tent, I loved that VIP was included in this area. Being able to quickly sneak away, sit and refresh in the VIP while still being able to hear the trance was an added bonus.

EDC every year is amazing and nothing on earth compares to it.

It was huge. It was all out. It was HOT.

And it will go down as an experience that will live with forever. The love that every ‘Headliners’ bring to this event will dictate the overall experience. The music was good throughout all 8 stages along with the colorful attractions or art carts, there is something for everyone, and if you can’t find a single place that makes you happy then maybe EDC isn’t for you.

This was my 4th EDC Las Vegas but I will be taking a little break for a few years.  Not because I can’t do it or don’t want to, but I’m at stage in life where I want to see what else is out there. I want to travel the world more and follow music away from the West Coast. Las Vegas was my party world for many years and I will return eventually.

For now, I pass on my EDC torch knowing one day I will come home again.

-Danielle Sanders