East Coast Trip to Electric Zoo 2022

by | Sep 24, 2022 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

It has been over 30 years since I’ve been to New York City,

…but there was no better way to return to the Big Apple during Labor Day weekend for Electric Zoo 2022. Our trip was very quick as we only attended the first two nights with plenty of after party option such as Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, NY.

Our trip started with a red eye flight out of Sacramento with a connecting flight in Las Vegas as we landed at JFK airport in the morning so we could rest up for night-1.  Electric Zoo took place at Randall’s Island where four stages showcased top talents such as Armin Van Buuren , Porter Robinson, Carl Cox just to name a few.

We stayed around Time Square which was about seven miles away to the venue, however because it is New York City, an Uber ride there was nearly $80. The entrance to the VIP bottle service line was a breeze as it took us directly to the main stage – The Antheon – as Diplo played a good selection of modern and classic house tracks as his sunset set was taking us into the evening. The other three stages were located toward the back as they were just short walks among them without any major sound bleed. The trance stage – Levitron – featuring Ilan Bluestone, but the house stage – The Landing – was packed which made it hard to move into the crowd especially with Tchami and Malaa being on the billing.

We finished night-1 with Porter Robinson as he closed out the night with an eclectic set covering a variety to appease everyone in the crowd from his modern to some old electro techno sound.

Though the festival ended at 11PM which is not something I’m used to, fortunately there was one of the premiere night club Avant Gardner to catch Adam Beyer.  This spectacular 80,000 square feet venue houses three separate complex in which Adam Beyer played at The Brooklyn Mirage, a beautiful inside courtyard surrounding by a mezzanine and catwalk with a VIP view of the city skyline.

Night-2 was essentially a repeat of the previous night with Armin and DJ Snake but for me the highlight was Chris Lake playing many of his classics and what he is known for as a producer. And like night-1 after Electric Zoo, we made our way out to The Brooklyn Mirage for Camel Phat and I must say that the music and production on that night was one that will stand out for a while. The sheer size of this club makes these parties feel like a festival event. The LED walls curves around a stage that’s probably bigger than most cities’ civic center and this complex alone can accommodate 8000 people. This is one club I highly suggest for those who may one day visit the Big Apple.

Getting out of Electric Zoo was a challenge of its own as Ubers had no way to make it toward your location. Due to intense traffic congestion, it was suggested that one would have to walk at least a mile or two to an area for a pick-up spot. Fortunately for us, there were plenty of private transportation to get us out but at hefty price.

Being from the west coast, this was my first east coast festival and my only comparison would be the Insomniac events of todays. One major difference I noticed right away were the glitz and glamour that is sold on the west coast were not as displayed at both Electric Zoo or The Brooklyn Mirage, but New York being one of the most expensive places to live in the world, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be the case. The New York culture has this grungy vibe (not in any negative connotation) that made me fell in love with it and I wanted to experience it even more. There was just something special partying within the city skyline.

Though this short trip only lasted two days, two nights and less than six hours of sleep, I did not want to leave and I can see why the Big Apple is place you can fall in love with. However, this won’t be my last.

-Jawn Gee