Dreamstate SoCal 2023


There are moments where…

…I still reminisce over that incredible weekend at The Queen Mary for Dreamstate SoCal 2023.  I have always wished it would last three days; but with the addition of the afterparties going till 8AM both Friday and Saturday, there was no need for it. There was an abundance of all genres of trance to cater to everyone’s preference. The new addition of psy infused-hard techno artists such as Klangkuenstler, Indira Paganotto, Fatima Hajji and Shlomo was also a nice new addition to the lineup this year.

I may not speak for everyone but I loved the new location and venue.  I heard there were some logistical and transportation nightmares but I did not experience it since we were walking distance.  Also, they were complaints that it would be too cold as it was on the waterfront, but for someone who gets cold easily I did not find it to be unbearable at all, in fact it was rather pleasant.  Rain was forecasted but luckily it didn’t pour during the main festival hours but rather during the afterparty.

Initially, I was afraid of the sound bleed between stages but much to my surprise, there was no sound bleed between stages and I absolutely loved it.  The layout of the stages was quite a bit of a walk, especially getting to the Void which was tucked away from Sequence, Vision and The Dream. And maybe it’s just me, but it felt as though Sequence was bigger than the mainstage; The Dream.  I really liked how at each stage had a dedicated VIP section, though drink option were extremely limited, I did enjoy the variety in food options.

Afterparties on board the haunted Queen Mary is quite the experience but getting from stage to stage was a mission and also a maze which was confusing on the first night.  Drink options were also extremely limited. It did sell food though which is always a plus in my book. However, getting to the bathrooms was a nightmare as you had to exit The Queen Mary by walking down several flights of stairs for the porta potties.

As for some of the sets I loved, I don’t know if I could just choose one, from Dreamstate to the afterparty which felt like an extension of the main festival. A second one if you will, every artist delivered but as always, my favorite part of Dreamstate is running into old friends I have not seen in a while.

The energy and vibe at Dreamstate are unmatched and will always feel like home.

-Sharissa Garcia