Dreamstate – PVD ‘Music Rescues Me’

by | Jul 4, 2019 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Still strong pursuing the love that will put a stamp on his legacy

Healing the world through trance and taking with him his new album, Paul Van Dyk on his ninth most healing ‘Music Rescues Me’ album tour came to Exchange LA for an uplifting and unforgettable night. With a recent near fatal accident, PVD leaned towards his music as a source of healing and therapy. Getting deep and emotional within himself, he wanted to express all of his aspects and internal feelings into his music with this album and produced fourteen beautiful tracks that you can feel and hear the pain.

PVD started the night with his classics ‘For an Angel’ and my personal favorite ‘Don’t Deserve You’ as he was progressing on to music off his new healing album with cover track ‘Music Rescues Me’ and samples of each. Listening into in its entirety was so much needed that night due to my own personal health issue, but it was beyond fitting and healing to my nerves and anxiety for this upcoming surgery as the night closed out with on of his beautifully remix of ‘Nothing but You’ was just fitting and much needed, thank you.

In support, two of my good friends were playing on this night which of them, JackFrozt, being a dedicated and loyal fan from the start of PVD early career, it was such an honor for him and all his friends and supporters to start our night with classic trance and uplifted the good energy in the upstairs room just right before the legend went on.

Closing out the night was another dear friend, Mr. Brooks who is another loyal fan of PVD.

Witnessing two of my friends [who worked so hard in this industry] play in the same place and night as their idol, it was truly healing and blessing for us all.

While PVD will be holding residency in Ibiza this year, you can guarantee on hearing some new tracks and classics but check social media and website for his updates.

-Karttie Wahoff