Dreamstate Artist Spotlight : Sam Jones


Alias: Sam Jones

Real Name: Sam Jones
Hometown: Swansea, Wales
Profession: Music Producer, DJ
Hobbies: Watching UFC/MMA
Affiliations: Who’s Afraid of 138, Damaged, Kearnage, Black Hole

Sam Jones will be a household name for years to come

When you think of up n’ coming artists who are making a name for themselves and making themselves known worldwide, Sam Jones is on that list. With massive hits and support from some of the biggest names in the scene, it would appear that Sam was destined for this life. His age is sometimes over looked when you hear his music because it encompasses the passion and precision of those who have been producing for years. Although when you speak with him, you see his youthful nature and he is just enjoying life to the fullest making great music and friends along the way.

Welcome back to California and congrats on Dreamstate with your B2B partner Ucast. Has he given you any tips? What are you looking forward to the most?

Not really, but he has told me it’s amazing and I am really looking forward to it. I just spoke with Jordan (Suckley), and he said the venue looks insane. So I am really excited, butterflies and stuff but I am happy I am here.

You started your career very young, DJing around the age of 12 and started producing about 7-8 years ago. How did you know this is what you wanted from such a young age?

I don’t know to be honest. My parents use to listen hard house mixes, trance and Carl Cox. I loved it straight away and it is the only thing I have very really stuck with. I have been insanely passionate about it since I was 12, my parents got my back, and I have never stopped since.

You have forged some strong friendships, especially with Will Rees and Jordan Suckley. How has those partnerships helped you get to where you are today?

It has helped me a lot. Like I was working with Will for years and I learned a lot from here. Obviously, he is amazing. Obviously, I have worked a lot with Jordan Suckley. It is always great to bounce off other people and to see what their perspective on productions. Like mainly work on my own all the time, which could be a bit draining. So it is good to refresh yourself sometimes to work with other people.

Any projects in the future we should be on the lookout for?

Collaboration coming up not right now, I am testing a new one I did with Jordan tonight, and as far as new ones, maybe in the future.

You are referred to as the “next generation” in trance. What do you think about that title? Does it motivate you to keep pushing boundaries?

Yeah definitely. That is great to hear that and definitely motivating. Cause I always try to push stuff to be as fresh as I can. I take my influences from my hard dance days and stuff like that, but I always try to push fresh new ideas. I get bored really quickly. Especially with my own stuff, so I’ll make this, I’ll make something else, and I’ll take it up a gear again and again. Cause I do not want to keep going on in a cycle. But it is definitely good to be named the next generation and hopefully I can keep it going.

Your latest track Patt3rns has been a huge hit. How has the support from Jordan and the Damage team been for this track? Performing on a Damaged Records night how was that?

It has been amazing. Jordan has been pushing me since as long as I can remember to be honest. He has believed in me more than me at times. So he is great and one of my best friends. He always keeps me in the loop with Damage. And obviously to have the party in Fresno, which was my first time over here, it was unbelievable. I have a lot to thank Jordan for definitely pushing me on.

If you could live by one motto, what would it be?

This is something that I [actually] do a lot. Don’t over think everything, because I do that a lot, this is something that I would want to live by anyways, so we will see.