Dreamstate Artist Spotlight : Ruben De Ronde


Alias: Ruben De Ronde

Real Name: 

Being known as the right hand man to one of the biggest name in trance cannot be easy…

…yet, Ruben De Ronde makes it so natural, that you would think he has been there since day one. The celebrated Dutchman has found a way to become the number 2 man on ASOT, while continuing to push his own brand. Business oriented, passionate about music and easy-going, Ruben is making himself a household name and it will not be long before he will become a legend.

Welcome back to Dreamstate but your first one in SoCal, what has been your expectation when performing at Dreamstate?

I was mega hyped for this show, because I had heard so many great stories of this event. It seems that it is ‘THE’ gathering for trance music lovers of the States! I have to say that my expectations were lived up to, and more! I’ll never forget the moment getting on stage, seeing all these totems and a vibrant crowd. I Loved it!

You have held many titles such as DJ, producer, label owner and radio host just to name a few, but if you could only do one, what would it be and why? 

That must be one of the hardest questions I have ever had. I think I would have to go with producing. I love the feeling of starting out with an empty project, filling in sounds, painting in melodies into a new song. With creating music you leave a sort of heritage, because your music will never fade away.

Courtesy of Ruben De Ronde

You are a part of the greatest trance radio show – ASOT – arguably; what has been your favorite aspect of doing the show weekly? What makes a track stand out to be voted for ‘tune of the week’?

This year has been such a massive change. Before I was always behind the scenes, hardly seeing Armin to be honest, and now we get to make the show every week for you guys. It is great to see that the new format, with video, has been embraced so rapidly. My favorite part is just doing that every week! Bringing listeners around the world, a weekly, musical get-a-way and a journey in music. Regarding the tune of the week, most of the time we agree quite fast on what is our personal favorite. I think Armin and myself have quite a similar taste.

You have done some massive collaborations in the past. What do you look for in a good partner?  Any upcoming collaboration?

Oh yes! I have just finished a collaboration with Estiva and Protoculture. I have also been working on new vocal tracks with Cari and Louise Rademakers and I have a couple of more collaboration I am working on at the moment. I think it is time for a new album!

Your track Fade Away With Me was a massive hit this year, and I love the vocals from Deirdre McLaughlin. Where did the inspiration come about this track?  How do you feel when you hear your track on the radio?

I think this track was in the making for a more than 3 years. I remember writing a melody, and after a while, Deirdre sent back vocals that were WAY better than the melody I wrote. So it was back to the drawing board. At a certain point I got an email from PROFF to see if I wanted to work on something with him, and i decided to continue working on the track with him. I am super happy about the result!

If you could live by one motto, what would it be?

If anyone says you can’t do it, it should be a motivation to do it. You are in control!

Courtesy of Ruben De Ronde