Dreamstate Artist – Factor B


Factor B also known as Highlandr, has come on to the trance scene like a storm

Since 2014, with track such as Stratos Galaxias to his first album Theater Of The Mind released in 2021, Factor B has been dominating the uplifting trance world. His distinct long breakdowns and beautiful melodies have allowed him to stand out in a very crowded genre. With releases under Armada, Blackhole, Subculture, FSOE, Pure Trance, WAO138 and many more; Factor B was dominating the airwaves.

The Aussie native has been playing stages around the world and showcasing his sounds that make him a must see on any lineup at festivals like Dreamstate, Tomorrowland, Luminosity, A State of Trance and Transmission to name a few.  In 2021, Factor B debuted his artist’s album and it shot to No.1 on the Beatport charts. The two-disk album covers the spectrum from progressive to banging trance, which is a major factor to its popularity amongst fans and fellow DJs.

Factor B has a busy schedule ahead of him as he plans to showcase his album live in special open-to-close shows. This is definitely a show you want to catch live as he will take you on a musical journey that climbs the entire spectrum of trance.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to sit with me today. It is really good to see you again. How have you been? Are you excited to play Rong tonight in Manchester?

Absolutely. I’ve been pretty well. Good to be getting back on the road. Getting back out, playing some shows, playing tracks from the album for the first time has been amazing and getting an opportunity to close Rong tonight is going to be a phenomenal.

Your long-awaited debut album just came out. Tell us, how do you feel knowing it is finally out to fans? Did you delay the release due to the pandemic? If so, why?

I’m very [very] relieved that it’s out. It was a huge body of work for a debut album, doing a double CD with 20 tracks on it was a lot. I probably really overstepped the mark with for a debut album. But the pandemic worked in my favor as it gave me a lot more time to focus on the music, [and against me], because we had to postpone the finalization of the album and we had to postpone things that were going to help finish timeline of when we’re going to release the album, but all in all it doesn’t anymore, it’s out now and I’m just super proud and happy that it is out.

How has the album been received so far in your opinion?

Well, so far from my side, I’ve been overwhelmed. It’s been unbelievable. Not just from my followers of my music but from other artists as well has been super kind. And I obviously went to a very different direction with the Highlandr disk. So, I think it surprised them with the style and the different sounds that I had on there and it was really exciting for everyone.

How long did it take you from the first track to the last track to compile all the tracks? If you could only pick one track, what is your favorite track and why?

I think the whole album started to take shape about 2.5 ago. It’s hard to put it on a timeline, but I’d say it was about 2.5 to 3 years. Getting all the ideas, putting them all down and then making everything work in order, so it’s got a good flow and all that.

You know, what? Oh, I think my two favorites from the album, the most received well-received ones; it was the opening track on the Highlandr disc called Fading Into You, and the opening track on the Factor B disc called Sea Of Thoughts. Those two, I think are my favorites and they seem to be received the best, so very proud of that.

February 14, 2020, you performed your open-to-close in San Francisco, it was honestly music perfection. But you were scheduled for many more around the world. Have you started the process of rescheduling those open-to-close? If so, when? If not, why?

Yes, we have. Obviously, the pandemic threw a lot of things up in the air and the original idea was to play these shows so fans can hear the album before it was released, but we’ve kind of done that backwards now. So, the album’s out, even though I probably got six or seven shows done now… [With all the big markets closed, but slowly reopening now, I think we have four or five shows scheduled] and more to be scheduled. And obviously going back to San Fran for found two.

You are known for very long breakdowns. In your opinion is that a compliment or a criticism? And why?

I take it a compliment. But to be honest, it’s the music that I love to make. So, I think the thing that’s been really great for me is it’s definitely different to what other people make, it makes my music stand out. Maybe that’s a good or bad. Really depends if people like long breakdowns or not. But for me, it’s something that I take a lot of pride in. I love breakdowns, I love long breakdowns. So yeah, it’s something I really enjoyed producing and really enjoy performing.

Finally, if you could only live by one motto, what would it be?

“Puff Puff, Give!”

[I am totally kidding]… I just can’t think of anything one motto that I would like to live and die by and there’s a lot of clichés. It’s definitely… along the lines of being in the moment. The pandemic taught us a lot about what we should be really appreciative of and how maybe before that we were taking things for granted. And I think the pandemic taught us that there are a lot of really great things right in front of you all the time…and we may be distracted a lot of the time, but we need to appreciate the present.

And of course, “Puff Puff, Give”.