Dreamstate Artist – Alessandra Roncone


Alessandra Roncone is this little ball of energy and passion radiates off her

Alessandra‘s smile and positive energy is infectious which is very welcomed in the scene. They say artists use aspects of their lives to bring out the passion in their art, and Alessandra pours her soul into her work. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and in an industry that makes women do twice as much to prove themselves, she is making her music known on her terms. Networking, friendships and lifelong relationships, Alessandra is building a solid core to show she has both star power and staying power.

Welcome! So glad to have you finally here in the states. [Last night] you made your US debut at the largest trance festival. How nervous were you?  Did it go as plan and would you change anything?

Hi Danielle!! To be honest I’ve not enough words to say how much happy I am to be here and to my debut at Dreamstate!! I’ve been here on 2017 as trance lover and now to me, to play at Dreamstate is really a big dream that became true. Playing as first of course I was a bit nervous, mostly because I thought many people would have come later, but I’ve been very happy to see minutes after minutes many people to arrive and to fill the dancefloor so quickly.

About my set, as always, I just decided the track I wanted to use as opening and then I just followed the flow. Of course there were many tracks I would have loved to play but in on hour is pretty impossible to play everything we want, so I can say that I’m happy with what I played.

In particular about an ID as memory of my Italian friend and amazing producer Fabio XB that unluckily is not here anymore, that track is a remix of a vocal track of him that he asked me to remix 2 years ago and I played it for the first time here for the Dreamers.

2019 was a very busy year, with playing in Egypt at Heracleion, Untold Festival, and countless other shows. What has been your favorite show this year? Your 2020 schedule is also looking good, and it was just announced that you will be playing EDC Mexico in 2020, anything else you can share now?

Exactly, 2019 was an amazing year to me. I feel very grateful I played in such amazing party like that. I really can’t tell my favorite. In every gig I play, big festival or even club nights, there is always something that stick in my heart. To play at big festival is amazing because the crowd is huge and the adrenaline that you get is incredible, but playing at the club nights, you feel the crowd closer and the good vibes that you receive is always something magical.

As you said, I’ll perform also at EDC Mexico. Can’t really wait!! I have other good gigs but I can’t reveal them for now. You know how it works

You are very close with your son. With all the travelling, how do prepare yourself emotionally for being away? How does your family and friends help support you?

Yes my son is my hero. He loves trance music a lot even if lately is going into other genres of music, and he always understood my big passion for this music since when he was 5 years old. I always spoke openly with him and he never made me feel bad leaving, saying to me “bye bye mom” giving me a hug, he always made me go with a smile, otherwise I wouldn’t leave.

Every child wants a happy mom, and he always saw my happiness because this music, and also he is supporting me a lot even at his school. Which is a bit embarrassing for me but I can see how much he is proud of me, and this gives me strength on what I do.

Your latest release Trust In Yourself is phenomenal. The title seems really personal, is there a story behind this track? You have worked with FSOE since you started to breakout. Why FSOE?  And how has the label helped you?

Thank you!! I always try to spread emotions with my music, so I always try to choose the right title for what is inspiring me making the track, because there is always a story behind a track.

Trust In Yourself is made as motivation, to give strength and courage to carry on what we are doing and loving. Because it’s easy to have bad days, thinking that what we are doing is not worth, but we just need to trust in ourselves more and never give up.

I always listened tracks in every label, but because the kind of melodies and style, FSOE has been my preferred label since 2010. And when I released Sogno with them to me was literally a dream. And of course for every producer is right to release in different labels, and I do, but they always gave me a big support as label and giving me the chance to play in beautiful festivals and club nights, so of course I will never forget this.

You recently became part of “The Pack” of talent for Nocturnal Animals. How did that come about?  New labels and groups have both risks and rewards, what was your thought process in making this leap?

Related to the previous subject, I always liked and supported Ram label as well. Releasing my tracks there, so when Ram decided to start this new label and concept, and he spoke with me about this, telling me that he wanted me aboard, I’ve been very happy to accept.

So let start this new ‘adventure’ wishing all the best for this.

Although in recent years, more women are starting to get notice in the trance scene, but compared to other scenes, we are still far behind. Why do you think more women are not “big” in trance? What has been some of your biggest barriers in your own career?

What you just said is something that really hurts me, I can say daily. And it’s the cause of why sometimes I say “Why I’m doing this? Why I lose so much time to get shit?”

Honestly I’m very happy for the amazing opportunities I got. But it seems that women need to do more to get the same respect as guys. I don’t know what happened in the past to arrive at this point, if something really happened to get this stigma, but I know how much time I dedicate to make music, and sometimes to read bad comments from people that know NOTHING about us, it hurts a lot. It is very easy to attack a woman. I think it is very small-minded, but luckily I also have a very good fan base and I try to stay focused on the amazing messages and comments that I receive.

Trance scene is very small and I noticed that there is a lot of negativity. We should be united, not spreading hate. You don’t like a track? Focus on what you like. You don’t like someone? Spend time speaking about who you really like!! But mostly, don’t spend poisoned words about what you don’t really know or just because some friend heard from another friend!! Because bullshit can also kill a career.  A career that in some cases, means years of work and sacrifices.

A good producer is a good producer and a good DJ is a good DJ, it shouldn’t matter if man or woman!!

On other genres, you see women mixed in every lineup. On trance is very rare, so I’m very happy when I see on trance lineup, girls that deserve it. And full respect to all the promoters that consider us alongside men as well. I hope this will change and I’m doing my best to break up this prejudices that became a stigma for us.

Finally, if you could only live by one motto, what would it be?

I have many mottos that I can say. But maybe, because the last question, I would say:

“Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want others to do to you”.

Saying this, I wish peace and love to all, and stay surrounded of music you love.