Dreamstate Artist Spotlight : UCast


Alias: UCast

Real Name: Aleksei Tsygankov
Hometown: Minsk
Profession: Designer
Hobbies: Music, Karting, Mountain Ski
Affiliations: MJR, Who’s Afraid of 138?, FSOE

Reserve by nature but lethal behind the CDJs

I had the pleasure of meeting UCast the first time at Dreamstate 2016. The Belarus native is shy and stays to himself until you get a topic he loves.  He has taken on the world of trance and has been a powerhouse for years. Producing music for over 11 years, UCast has scored countless hits and 2017 has been a phenomenal year, with an even promising 2018.  I look forward to seeing him come back to the U.S and hopefully run into him at a show in Europe come 2018.

Welcome back to the US for your second Dreamstate performance. You are performing a back to back with Sam Jones, how have you and Sam prepared for this performance?

Sam and I would chat about our set, and would send each other what we want to play, and some of our new tracks. We are going to play what we play. Usually we just combine it on set and that is what we plan to do tonight.

Any pointers you gave him for his first Dreamstate?

I don’t need to. This is a big trance event in the USA, but he has played big events in Europe before, so I don’t think I have any suggestions for Sam, since we are both on the same level I think.

This has been a big year for you. Your new track It’s a Trap is fire and you had a number 1 on Beatport release Echo with Magnus.  How did that project come about? What do you look for when you do a collaboration?

Before we decided to make the track, we met in Los Angeles; I heard his tracks before and loved what he was doing. He later sent me a text saying that he loved what I do, so we decided to make a collaboration. He just sent me a few parts, the melody and I brought it to uplifting wise and just add to some vocal parts, and that’s how we made this track. I cannot really tell you anything special about this collaboration. But, it was my first one that I made [with someone not in the same studio]. The last one I made was in my studio and with guys near me in my studio. This was my first collaboration with a guy who is miles away so it was a new experience. But it was fun to work with Magnus, the result I am very happy with.  And I think this year we will make another collaboration. Definitely more psy than uplifting.

You have been producing now for over 11 years, how would you describe the evolution of your music?

I just do what I like to listen to. So if I like to listen to uplifting, I try to do uplifting. If I like more psy sound or tech, I try to make music that I like to listen to. So the evolution of just my taste of trance music or the music overall.

Your 100th episode of your show “injection,” should premier in Dec.  Congrats!  Do you have anything special planned for that episode?

Thank you for the congratulations. I wanted to make a special party in my hometown of Minsk. I wanted to make an open-to-close set, but something went wrong, but I think I will start injection parties next year.  The Celebration of the 100th episode will be just a year mix of about 100 tracks in two hours.  The best tracks of 2017 in my opinion.

You have been with MJR now for some time.  How has the team of MJR helped you develop your talent and continue to push you in your career?

They push me everywhere in the world. So I am really thankful for them for it. Mariusz of course, they bring me to Argentina, USA, and many European countries so I am happy to be a part of this team.

If you could live by one motto, what would it be?

Be yourself and do what you like. Don’t make music for money just make what you like. Especially when you are talking about your DJ career.