Destroy Everything You Touch – Ladytron (Space Motion Remix)

by Jul 11, 2023MUSIC, Past music

Fantastic news for fans of Ladytron!

The group are having a great year with the release of their album Time’s Arrow and the positive reception it has received. The remix of their hit song Destroy Everything You Touch by DJ/producer Space Motion  is an exciting addition to their discography and it’s always interesting to hear how artists reinterpret their own songs or have them remixed by other talented musicians.

The fact that the remixes were initially available exclusively on Beatport and then released on all streaming platforms on June 23 indicates that Ladytron and Space Motion are making their music accessible to a wider audience. The support from renowned DJs such as Camelphat, Vintage Culture, Fisher, Gorgon City, and Tale of Us will surely help expose Ladytron’s music to even more listeners.

Furthermore, the announcement of North American tour dates for Fall 2023 is exciting news for fans in that region as it is wonderful for the group to be able to perform live again after a four-year hiatus. The inclusion of cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Diego’s CRSSD Fest shows that they are covering a good range of locations across the United States. Fans can expect a mix of fan-favorite songs, classics, and new tracks from their critically acclaimed album, Time’s Arrow. It seems like Ladytron is set to deliver an electrifying and memorable live experience for their audience.

Overall, Ladytron‘s recent achievements, including the remixes and tour announcement, demonstrate their enduring popularity and the continued excitement surrounding their music. Fans can look forward to enjoying their favorite songs in new and invigorating ways through the remixes, as well as experiencing their captivating live performances during the upcoming tour.