DARKSIDERZ – Did You Make It Out…???

by | Aug 7, 2016 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Welcome to the Darkside

Welcome to the dark side! Some good old heart pounding hardstyle was brought to Sacramento last week, July 29th, 2016 thanks to a new and upcoming event promoters Diamond Edge from their new monthly event series, FILTHY FRIDAYS. With local support from Tripz, Rggz, Nay Jay, Akrilla, and Le Bek bringing multi-genre, dubstep, progressive, and trance to the mix while many excited ravers anticipated the hardstyle beats of Darksiderz.

Complete with lasers, sound, go-go dancers, live art, food, a glover pit, and shufflers, Filthy Fridays had a great vibe with people who just wanted to get on the dance floor and let loose. I had not been to a hardstyle show in a long time and it made me feel like this is why I began raving. The feeling of being amidst people on the dance floor letting go, in a place where there are only positive vibes, smiles, dancing, and free to be themselves.

Local dj Le Bek delivered an unexpected surprise during his set when he brought out a bouquet of roses and told the crowd they were all beautiful, and personally handed them out.  It added creativity and a feeling of love to the event. Also, a few people in black morph suits with masks came out pumping the crowd up and throwing out candy at the audience such as organic gummy bears.

Overall, it was a really cool experience to have a headliner who has played big events like Electric Daisy Carnival play a more intimate show. The crowd loved him, and he was very down to earth, taking photos with fans and chit chatting after the show. It’s also nice to see event promoters in Sacramento mixing it up and bringing out headliners of different genres than the usual dubstep and trap. Quality event for Diamond’s Edge second event and looking forward to the next Filthy Friday in the coming months.

-Marissa Tinsley

For more pics from the event CLICK HERE