Czechmate – Brain Bass Feat. Soulljah


From house to dubstep trap

Bass house artist Czechmate returns with a flare and a banger much different than her usual sound.  But if you like Troyboi, Boombox Cartel and the likes, then this new surprising hit explores a different side of her production sound with Jamaican up ‘n comer artist Soulljah providing the lyrical background.

Afar from the four-to-the floor sound we are accustomed to hear from Czechmate, Brain Bass is a dubstep trap that will make you want to light up a fat one while trying to spit out the dopest lyrics.  The track starts off with a lofi Japanese style flute-like hook as Soulljah is setting up for a wobbling bass drop that will put the spiffhead in a trance.  Brain Bass showcases an intellectual approach that very little can be very effective between the intro, the break and drop.

Available on Spotify, this track is a must for loungy bar club DJs but a great weapon beat jugglers.

Get to know Czechmate here.