Coast 2 Coast

by | Jun 17, 2020 | INDUSTRY, Past music

In the music industry, there are managers and agents everywhere you turn

Agencies come and go and change as the days pass. But occasionally, a group of individuals come together and put forward the quality needed to push through the madness and be considered successful.

On Sunday, June 14, 2020, Coast2Coast officially opened its doors for business.

The agency’s mission is simple: We strive to honor the community while building a family behind the stage, on the stage, and in front of the stage to share with the world.

Understanding the current environment, adapting to change, and being open to change the team behind Coast2Coast plan to weather all storms.  Coast2Coast (C2C) was formed to highlight the talents of our fast, emerging artists on the forefront of the electronic music industry in the United States.

The opening roster for C2C is: (in alphabetical order) Brian Flinn, Carlos Arteaga, Dustin Husain, Ganesh, Obie Fernandez, RJ Van Xetten, Toy Soldierz, and Vangar.

The broad range of genres covered include melodic techno, hardstyle, trance and all its subgenres.  The artists have been featured on the biggest labels in each respected genre. Including two labels being ran by the artists, HQ Recordings and Estrella Recordings.

C2C was designed by three members in the community who have a passion for making the scene better and pushing deserving artists to the next stages of their careers. Based on both the East Coast and West Coast, the team covers the major music hubs of the US and everything in between.

C2C is really focused on building a community within the organization, where artists, agents, and managers can each flourish in all aspects of their careers and be proud to say ‘I am C2C’ and ‘We are C2C’.