Check out – BUBBLE ISLAND – Make up Party

by | Jul 15, 2016

PROMOTER: Lite Brite Productions
WHEN: July 22nd, 2016
WHERE: Sacramento, CA
VENUE: McClellan Center
ARTISTS/DJ: Meaux Green, Alexx Adam, Atom ONE, Forrest Green and more….
AGE: 16+

For tickets and more info visit the official website


Behind their name and reputation, there would be no way a party being shut down from unforeseen circumstances shall stop its name from appeasing the party people what they truly deserve.

A Make UP…PARTY…!!!

Lite Brite Productions isn’t only known for its concert/rave productions sounds and lighting but also recognized for its annual Halloween BEETLEJUICE events held in Northern California.  The 5th annual BUBBLE ISLAND was unquestionably a party to be immerse with positive people, vibe and FOAMS to which unfortunately came to a halt.

But do not be despair, fortified by the adversity, Lite Brite present RETURN To BUBBLE ISLAND Foam Party at an even bigger capacity venue capable of housing 3000+.