Boys Noize and the Return of the Warehouse Rave

by | Nov 22, 2021 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

After a scarily dull Halloween 2020,

…our friends over at Midnite Events and THIS916 made sure the Halloween celebrations for 2021 were twice as sweet. In order to do so, they brought the legendary Boys Noize to Sacramento for a special Halloween set showcasing his new album, +/- (Polarity). On top of hosting one of the world’s most respected artists, the lineup was stacked with support from the Brownies & Lemonade All Stars list including performances from Sable Valley favorites Montell2099 b2b Juelz, Gojira and Sacramento’s very own Rossy. To top it all off, this event was set in an undisclosed warehouse with a top-of-the-line Void sound system.

The experience was curated to match the old school warehouse culture by checking in at a separate location in before finding out where the warehouse venue was! This was a definite plus as it made for fast entry into the venue. Looking back on the night, all that can be said was that the vibes were immaculate! And let’s not forget about the amount of laser set up for added eye candy throughout the night. The combination of costumed ravers, amazing music, lasers and superior sound system brought new definition to the classic warehouse rave.

Even weeks later, we are still reminiscing about one of the best Halloween events in Sacramento, ever. We hope this is the only the first of many other warehouses shows to come in the near future, serving as the perfect precursor for Give Thanks coming up in a couple weeks.

-Tyler James