Better Times – KC Lights, Låpsley (Toolroom Records)

by Jul 11, 2023MUSIC, Past music

DJ/Producer KC Lights highly anticipated release of “Better Times” on Toolroom Records

The fact that the song has already been selected as the “Hottest Record in the World” by BBC Radio One speaks to the excitement surrounding its release. Collaborating with the talented songstress Lapsley adds another layer of anticipation and expectation for this track.

From the description, Better Times sounds like a song that brings a sense of upliftment and hope. Its floating and soaring quality, coupled with the belief that better times are on the horizon, creates an optimistic and inspiring atmosphere. The pre-release accolades from industry tastemakers further indicate the song’s potential to become a summer anthem of 2023.

The blend of 70s/80s disco, funk, and soul with a modern touch demonstrates KC Lights‘ ability to incorporate nostalgic elements while maintaining a contemporary sound. It’s intriguing to see the influence of legendary acts like Daft Punk and Mojo in the familiar filtered French house sound. Lapsley’s velvety vocals are described as a perfect fit for the song, gliding effortlessly from delicate notes to powerful heights.

With shimmering production, blissful melodies, and mesmerizing rhythms, Better Times captures the essence of summertime joy. It’s exciting to imagine this track becoming the soundtrack for long summer evenings, bringing a sense of happiness and celebration. Fans of KC Lights and Lapsley, as well as dance music enthusiasts, can look forward to experiencing this uplifting and enchanting collaboration.