Be Safe and Let The Music Be Your Cure – Bay Area UG Tragedy


Just saddened…

I hope this is something I will never have to do again but who knows.  As someone who has enjoyed partying in many underground warehouses throughout the Bay Area during my early raving days, I am saddened to hear the tragic news that our community was stricken by an unfortunate event and has claimed nine lives so far as reported.

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I am not here to report the news but to express my thoughts on this incident, nor am I in no way shape or form here to criticize the promoter as there is enough heartaches going around.

As a former promoter, my passion for this community and the drive to bring people together is my biggest feat but my greatest fear and challenge were to keep each and everyone safe.

As mentioned, I am not here to undermine on this unfortunate night. But there needs to be a constant reminder that every one of us have a civic duty to help prevent such tragedies. Undergrounds aren’t scrutinized events and when boundaries are pushed to the limits then lives are being compromised with. There isn’t really much I can add as my heart goes out to the families of the lost ones and the dancing community around the Bay Area.

I’m going to finish this by just saying that I hope this unfortunate event will bring awareness for the future of our community as we will rejoice once again under one roof for many more years to come.

Be safe and let the music be your cure.