The beautiful cool outdoors of Tahoe

On Aug 6th and 7th, 2016, South Lake Tahoe, Stateline CA and NV, a city not usually known for its nightlife welcomed Bass Camp Festival back for its 4th installment. This time around Bass Camp partnered with to host their largest event so far. The past years it had always been a 1-day event, but this year it was extended to 2 days. Held outdoor, at the historic Hard Rock Hotel, the lineup featuring Krewella, Borgeous, Arty, Nero, Figure & Protohype, Donald Glaude and much more.

Being my first Tahoe festival, I was full of curiosity regarding the crowd, the venue, the production and the vibe of the show. The event featured 3 stages, the Dancetronauts stage, the Mainstage, and a Silent Disco. For those unfamiliar with a Silent Disco, it is the area where dancers must wear headphones in order to hear the music.  The Dancetronauts stage was extremely vibrant with its strobes, GO-GO dancers, pyrotechnic and LED light show. It definitely garnered the most attention during the day time, but as dusk set upon, the crowd flocked toward the Mainstage waiting anxiously for Krewella as they were getting down with the ‘wubs’ and ‘wobbles’ of Figure and Protohype’s B2B set.

It was my first time seeing Krewella since the exit of producer Rainman, I had somewhat an idea

about what their current direction was. Their sound took a 180, now pushing an alternative rock and metal fueled electro dance declaration to the world that they could reflect, grow, and move beyond their past achievements.

Day-2 was met with ‘meet and greet’ with Arty and Borgeous, heavy mixes from the lineup, and a B2B2B2B (not a typo) experience not to forget. Volumes of people shuffled in and out of the tent as they eagerly anticipated their chances to meet them for SnapChat and Instagram posts to show the rest of the world what they were missing over the weekend in Tahoe. Without a major hitch, the party carried through the night, even with the 11 o’clock curfew set on the venue, with the party continuing on just across the street at the Exhale

Nightclub and Lounge. Those who did not partake at the after-party and retired after the main event, well, you were already messing up! We were privileged to B2B sets by Protohype, Figure,Nero, and Borgeous.

All in all, getting away from my busy student life in the Bay Area to the majestic and hypnotic outdoors of South Lake Tahoe, I could not have asked for a better event to pop my Tahoe scene cherry.

-Phil Nguyen

CLICK HERE  For more pics from the event courtesy of Bass Camp