Back for another year of Electric Fairy Tale

by | Sep 30, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Back for more of that Fresno love

Being my second year, Electric Fairy Tale returned for its seventh annual to the Chukchansi Park in downtown Fresno as I was pretty excited for this event to catch a few artists that I’ve never seen before. There were a few SoCal and local Fresno artists who were making their debuts alongside with big names such as Ben Nicky, Sunny LAX, Binary Finary, Lady Faith, Christopher Lawrence and Daniel Skyver.

Hitting the Fresno Favorite stage was my dear friend Yao Moua welcoming everyone as they entered the venue with his second year under his belt playing at EFT. You could feel the love of trance as soon as you walked in, the track choices was taking me back to the classics, and Yao Moua was a perfect choice to welcome the crowd as partiers were trickling in. On one of the other main stage, Sequence Six was taking everyone on a journey through the hard-hitting trance of 138BPM which was the perfect start to the evening.

Courtesy of K-Lin

One of the most exciting feeling for me when I attend events is knowing that you have a personal relationship with an artist on stage, and that connection is very special when you get to see them shine and have their moment. So when Sequence Six took on the main stage to drop some classics from artists such as Tiesto (when he was trance artist) along with a few from his idol Simon Patterson and my favorite Bryan Kearney. As an Angelino, Sequence Six has his award-winning tracks being played throughout clubs in SoCal and Fresno had the pleasure of witnessing his debut in person to a wonderful set. With support of his parents and family there in full rave wear outfits, their love was just a beautiful moment.

This was my first time seeing Sunny LAX who remixed some my favorite house music artist which is how I came across my new-found artist. When he dropped Enceladus, I was taken back and not felt this happy in so long, it was such a good track. Another first timer for me was Daniel Skyver who was making his debut in the US (see interview) giving Fresno the opportunity to see him before hitting larger events.

On next was Sasha from Binary Finary who took on the crowd doing what he does best by playing those classics like 1998. And for the second time around, Ben Nicky was back with his bad boy of trance attitude and ready to pump up the crowd to a full house with his signature ‘headfuck’ mashups sound. Dropping a little hardstyle into his set with his remix of Concrete Angels which got some black-lash in the LA community dance scene, but after hearing it for myself, I didn’t think it was that bad. It had a nice rhythmic flow with a drop of hardcore. I don’t listen to hardstyle but it wasn’t ear bleed worthy as others have put it.

And closing out the night was LA legend Christopher Lawrence, who I’ve seen numerous time, and with such high energy, you could never guess his age and would still probably still keep up with the youngin’.

Two years with back to back marquee names, Electric Fairy Tale is one of my favorite place to go too outside of Los Angeles with a fun pack event of carnival rides, snacks, VIP backstage access, and my favorite top headliners playing.

I will be back for its third year, can’t wait!

-Karttie Wahoff 

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