Awake Festival Artist – ReOrder


There is a social media game going around where you describe a person in one word

If ReOrder were to play this game, the word describing him would be ‘energy’. It radiates off him when he performs, it is fun and he entertains while you are listening to some amazing trance along the way. His ‘disorderly’ conduct follows him off stage, but the reality is ReOrder is a rather reserve and down to earth person, who taps into the dark side for inspiration for trance bliss.

Thank you for taking the time to sit with me today. How did it feel to be back at a festival? Were you hesitant to play at Awake in August?

Anytime, it is always great talking to you! I was really one of the lucky DJs who had a chance to have summer filled with amazing, yet risky travels for gigs around Europe. Awake was a highlight of the year for me and I have to tell you I was truly paranoid but it was a risk worth taking. We combined it with a 6-day stay in Croatia which truly helped me to forget about the virus situation.

This weekend you are also playing under your deep house alias RRDR. Tell us more about this project and what can fans expect? Do you plan to play more shows under this alias?

I was always a fan of deeper trance stuff and did many progressive and deep tracks and remixes With the rise of the melodic techno, I thought it would be nice to reignite my passion for this style. ReOrder is established firmly in uplifting and faster paces of trance so I gave the project the new name RRDR which is just short for ReOrder.


Over the past few months, many have praised you for your live streams. What is your secret to bringing that much energy to a live stream? What are the plus and cons to live streaming?

Oh, thank you!

I treat streaming DJ sets the same way I treat live gigs. People come to live shows to have fun and lose themselves in music with Dj as their guide. Audience is an audience and on Twitch you can see they’re having fun just by looking in the chat. Tried emotes-only mode and the rainbow of emoji’s described the feels as nothing else!

Live streaming was a huge boogieman to me. I had no idea what I should do and how I should do it. I had to learn many new things and skills, bought loads of new gear and completely redesigned my home studio. Only con I could think of was the necessity of learning a completely different field I was(n’t) accustomed to. It wasn’t easy but I think I got it to a level where it works and I can stay in touch with trance fans at least via online streaming platforms like Twitch. Which to be honest was another tool that really requires time to understand. I am still a little lost on Twitch.

Your latest collaboration with Sarah de Warren ‘Back To Life’ is fantastic. How did the project come together?  What does ‘Back To Life’ mean to you? 

As you know our doggie Lejla was diagnosed with cancer in October 2019. The news flipped our lives 180 degrees and even-though we never lost hope, once you know the end is coming you try to live on but you are not the same person anymore. I was devastated after her second operation and when I am in the darkest of places, I tend to find release in making melodies and music. I sat down and wrote the first draft. I had that bit of luck that Sarah was available for vocals and after a quick chat on the phone, she understood what the track is about and she gave it all.

I couldn’t pick a better vocalist to work on this one with. Lejla seemed to really enjoy the track. Sadly, in September 2020 she passed away. Upside is she managed to come to Zrce with us and she really enjoyed swimming in the sapphire blue lagoons of Pag Island.

Your merchandise, “Trance Is the Way” is available on Choonwear, and I love the slogan.  How did you come up with this slogan? How does this represent ReOrder? Any new items fans can look forward to in the future

You know me I’ve been a trance head ever since I can remember. I breathe and sweat trance music, hehe. Of course no one can miss the resemblance with The Mandalorian very own This Is The Way. Of course I am a huge nerd and fan of everything Star Wars so the first thing I understood was ‘Trance Is The Way’, and there it was.

Right now we released the new face-mask which unfortunately we still need, and we planned so many goodies people would enjoy on festivals but our plans were shut down by the virus. For now we give away ‘Trance Is The Way’ during my live stream on Wednesdays.

You made a post about the Facebook streaming policy recently. Would you care to elaborate what you would like to see different and why?

As we all know Facebook is not a social media anymore, it is a money making machine driven by profit and the product is people and their needs (Social Dilemma/Netflix). In my case, as an online DJ nowadays, when you look at YouTube or Twitch they pay the content creators for bringing people to their platforms and reward them for their hard work because it is. On top of that they reward the labels whose music I play from ads added to the content. Facebook doesn’t like to pay anyone it wants to be paid.

Overall the streams are being blocked, muted, they keep crashing after a certain amount of time. This should change because people want these DJ livestreams, they miss the music performances. People need the release to feel more human. We are social beings not robots. I really like the YouTube way of doing things. Even they shut me down 2 times. Well Tiesto is a slap on fingers if you play his classics.

Since Covid-19, many people say there are things they will not take for granted any more.  What is something you took for granted before this and will never again?

My family. I suddenly had so much time to be with them. Since Lejla was diagnosed, I felt so bad every time I travelled away. Suddenly I was there all the time and could be there for everyone. I realize now we are not here forever and we should cherish each and every moment.

If you could only live by one motto, what would it be?

Never give up. Whatever you wish to accomplish, just go for it and with a bit of luck you will get there.