Author: Mary Pham

Zedd’s Echo Tour San Francisco

At this point, fans of EDM should know who Zedd is, and even those who don’t listen to EDM ought to know the artist behind Clarity and Get Low. However, few managed to get tickets to his sold-out Oct. 8th show at Bill Graham.

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NorCal – Fun night at Breathe Carolina

Fun, free and a first time for everything. Breathe Carolina was one of my favorite bands during my ’emo phase’ in middle school, so imagine my excitement when I discovered that the duo was not only still making music, but they were DJs.

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SF – Sold Out Martin Garrix Show

Martin Garrix is my boyfriend’s all-time-favorite EDM artist. He’s so infatuated with him that last year we drove to Las Vegas’ EDC Day-2 just to see him. So, when it was announced that he would be coming to …

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SF – Porter & Madeon Shelter Live Tour Recap

Porter Robinson and Madeon are household names in dance music, so the hype was real when the pair released “Shelter” and announced their first tour together. Tickets to the Bill Graham show in San Francisco sold out in under a minute, and I was fortunate…

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