Author: Marissa Tinsley

NorCal – Immersed in Neitherworld

A place where you are free to express yourself in your creepy or as devilish as your little spooky heart desires while immersed among three stages of sound and lighting, bowling alley, arcade games, food, laser tag and even an indoor movie theater playing …

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Global Eclipse Gathering 2017

Global Eclipse Gathering 2017 was a truly unique occurrence connecting thousands of like-minded individuals for this eclipse chasing phenomena located at the beautiful scenic ranch of Big Summit Prairie covering over 55,000 acres in the ….

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NorCal – Stilldream Utopia

Stilldream Festival located just 2.5 hours north of Sacramento up in the Sierra Nevada foothills in the tiny town of Belden, CA is a dream away from the harshness of modern society. A place to take off your shoes and stay a while. Forget about your phone …

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DJ Spotlight : Czechmate

If you’ve seen Sacramento DJ Czechmate play in person, you’d know her energetic fun stage presence gets the crowd hyped and ready to move. You can really tell by her performances, she is confident and passionate about what she does.

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NorCal – Fun time at May Day

What better way for Sacramentans to kick off Spring 2017. After a couple of years of attending the popular 4-part installment series of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, Eternal Events decided to change things up for 2017 presenting May Day to kick off …

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Symbiosis Gathering 2016 Recap

Overall, Symbiosis Gathering: Family Tree was an incredible experience immersing you in art, creativity, and freedom. Getting lost and not thinking about time or deadlines, you were completely free to do as you please.

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