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REZZ at the WaMu Recap

REZZ announced a Seattle date for her ‘Certain Kind Of Magic’ tour. Those who were dazed by the hypnotic event at The Gorge quickly purchased tickets to the WaMu Theater

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NW – Ups n’ Downs of Paradiso Festival 2018

Leaving Paradiso this year was a little more bearable than it was last year. Both of my experiences were nothing comparable to one another which left me with a bittersweet taste. I had a few bad moments, but I was still able to have one of the best times of my life …

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NW – Odesza : 2018 A Moment Apart Tour recap

I’ve been keeping Odesza sets completely under wraps while trying to contain my excitement as the event drew closer. This time around I brought friends who have never been to a show before and explained enough of the culture to prepare them well for the event.

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USC Lucky 2018 recap

… but some close friends bought me a ticket because they just couldn’t imagine having such a good time without me which ended up one of the most memorable night I’ve had to date.

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Resolution in the Pacific Northwest

For most of us, 2017 was a year not worth revisiting, however though, there was no better way to finish it off around friends with a party not worth forgetting. I returned to USC Events Resolution 2018 after seeing how amazing the line up was.

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Freak Night in the Pacific Northwest

At last year’s FreakNight, I was introduced to a harm reduction group known as The Fan Clan known for their casualty reduction (heat exhaustion, dehydration, sensory overload, etc…) by bringing massive packages of hand fans to give out at each event they attend.

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NW – Paradiso 2017 Journey

The journey there presented the usual grey sky but as we were getting closer, the weather was getting brighter and warmer, then firmly over the horizon, we had finally made it to The Gorge Amphitheatre. We had finally made it home – Paradiso 2017.

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Paradiso Preview in The Evergreen State

Taking place June 22nd–25th is none other than USC’s Paradiso Festival located at the Gorge Ampitheatre. This festival offers a beautiful location with scenic views and a lineup that’s stacked for days with headliners like ….

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NW – Lucky Green in the Pacific Northwest

Seattle has to find new excuses to drink with friends besides the constant onslaught of shitty weather. For ravers in the Pacific Northwest, we have USC Events’ Lucky. The mishmash of green clovers and rainbow unicorns find a balance in both Celtic folklore…

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NW – Are You Feeling Lucky w/ Jeffrey

Throughout the nips of cold air when walking out the cold weather, eventually we all crave something a little more suitable for our warm weathered desires. As spring comes into full bloom, so does USC Events’ Lucky. Lucky is a Saint Patrick’s Day themed rave with your…

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NW – USC’s Resolution Extravagance w/ Jeffrey

On New Year’s Eve there are thousands of events to attend all over North America, but those lucky enough to attend USC Events’ Resolution were in for a NYE of a lifetime. The event sold out a week prior to the doors opening and this left last second buyers …

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USC – FREAKNIGHT 20th – Recap

October 28th and 29th, the Tacoma Dome ran rampant with Vampires, Werewolves, Sword Swallowers and Cosplayers all alike. The 20th anniversary, 2-day USC’s Halloween event, Freak Night 2016 was raging better than ever this year with not only its lineup but its activities all alike.

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