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Beyond Wonderland Dreamstate

The Cheshire Cove was dedicated to Dreamstate and for two nights it definitely held up to the dedicated trance brand’s motto of being a trance destination. Since its debut in 2015 Dreamstate has been a run away success story, so it seems only natural that it…

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SoCal – No Love Lost at Crush SoCal

My best friend Vanessa and I always had a blast attending Crush SoCal. This year being our third was no different. Taking place inside the Damus building of the NOS Center on Feb 11th, 2017, the event was rather intimate for a single stage set up featuring…

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Groove Cruising In The Open Sea w/ Danielle

College students have Spring Break, a time to forget school and get away for a week. This break gives them rejuvenation to finish out the school year strong filled with parties all night and day. However, as adults, we don’t cherish from Spring Break with crazy work…

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UK – Dreamstate London Preview w/ Danielle

For the first time in my life with excitement, I will be hopping on a plane and crossing the pond to visit the amazing city of London, England with a history dating back centuries during the Roman times. This adventure will fulfill my love of history by visiting landmarks…

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SoCal – All Psy Dreamstate Preview w/ Danielle

With the turn of the calendar year and the holidays behind us, 2017 couldn’t kick start any better for Insomniac. Reading on social media, So-Cal is spoiled when it comes to trance shows and truthfully we are. We get some great shows out here from the main Thanksgiving weekend Dreamstate, to club gigs and raves but more recently the all psytrance single stage Dreamstate event to take…

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Mariusz – The Mind Behind MRJ & Ravers Army

If there were awards in the rave scene, the “Congeniality Award” would be a landslide vote for Mariusz Roj; a true definition of being warm, friendly, welcoming, and just a good hearted person. MRJ artist manager and founder of Ravers Army, I was introduced to Mariusz online …

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SoCal – Still Dreaming at Dreamstate w/ Danielle

Dreamstate is more than a music festival. It is a place where you can exchange reality for 2 days of melodic bliss.
There is an old saying, “Trance is for the Dreamers”. This past Trancegiving weekend, thousands of ‘Dreamers’ joined together to celebrate the dream as one united Trance Family.

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SoCal – Intricacy : Unrstrctd Label Night

Bakari Deal , founder of Intricacy in 2015, has found a way to keep the bottom line at a minimum to provide world class music in SoCal. On Friday, Nov 4th, he threw his 16th event under the Intricacy name by featuring its first label night for Casey Rasch’s label Unrstrctd.

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Dreamstate Artist Spotlight – Triceradrops

My first time meeting Julian Noriega aka Triceradrops was at Pulsar’s 6-year anniversary, a Summer desert rave somewhere off the 15 freeway on the way to Barstow,CA. He was nice, humble and he killed his set that morning as the sun rose over the California desert.

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New York – My Dreamstate 2016 Journey

As an avid Trance addict from Los Angeles, CA, one of my ‘to do’ list has always been to explore other Trance events outside of California and so my friend Amanda and I did just that for DREAMSTATE New York, August 26th and 27th, 2016. Being that it was my first time in New York as well, I made sure to do …

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