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SoCal – Horizon Tour recap

November 3rd, I stepped out of my comfort zone to attend The Horizon Tour featuring Seven Lion and Tritonal at the Hollywood Palladium to a sold out crowd. Though I went there solo, it wasn’t long until I ran into friends.

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DJ Spotlight : Mike Squillo

The New York born and raised DJ/Producer Mike Squillo is soon to be a household name for trance lovers. A calculated approach to his sets that are full of curveballs and surprises, Mike prides himself in the art of DJing and reading the crowd.

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Trance Giving at Dreamstate

Trance Giving!  The holiday where thousands of trance fans will make the hard sacrifice of enjoying dinner with their blood for making the trip with their chosen trance family. The excitement for this year’s show has been building up since last year ended …

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LA’s hometown spotlight : Carlos Arteaga

Carlos Arteaga is a Southern California local just trying to make good on his hard work. He has a good ear and uses his background to help him make the right moves. As he’s making his way through this scene, he has had some great advisors and mentors …

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SoCal – Horizon Tour preview

Starting on the first weekend of November will be an epic 2-day Horizon Tour show headlining Seven Lions, Tritonal, with special guest Kill The Noise taking place at the famous Hollywood Palladium stellar music.

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The 2017 Inaugural Electronic Music Awards

The 2017 Electronic Music Awards was an event 30 years in the making, and it definitely set itself up well for a bright future. The event took many by surprise, as many fans were unaware of the show. Not sure what to expect or what the mood would be like, I tried to dress somewhere down the middle.

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DJ Spotlight : Kane Michael

I had the opportunity to sit down with LA local Kane Michael  and at the age of 25, Kane has already started to make his mark in the electronic music scene. With his edgy blending sound of techno and progressive, he is definitely making waves in the scene.

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SoCal – Dark Psy ‘Open Up’ Recap

The month of July in SoCal has been a trance heaven ranging from some amazing locals to legends. On Saturday, July 22nd, Dreamstate presented Open Up, and the event was definitely one for the books. Held at the beautiful historic Belasco Theater …

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SoCal – Avalon’s Damaged Journey

Since 2002, the club has become a beacon for Electronic Dance Music in the heart of Hollywood with its famous Hollywood and Vine cross-streets. Avalon attracts one of the most eclectic audiences in LA from the casual party goers, hardcore ravers …

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Luminosity Journey and more …

Every year for five years, I’ve watched Luminosity videos and listened to live streams always longing to be there. My attempts for the past 3 years have been foiled by financial issues and Europe just wasn’t in the cards. But this year was different. After …

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